The fourth in our five-part series, Hong Kong A-listers discuss their favourite places to shop, eat and see in the Eternal City

“Reinventing yourself is the most challenging aspect of architecture,” says Edwin Pun, director at Keyestone Properties. And Rome’s citizens, he says, have been some of the greatest designers and builders the world has seen. “They’re experts at innovation and reinvention,” he says, “having mastered the art of architectural evolution through the centuries.”

Overseeing design and creative aspects of all projects at Keyestone, Edwin is no stranger to grand design. A familiar face on Hong Kong’s social circuit, he has also become something of a fashion icon, thanks to his understanding of the importance of creating a good first impression and standing out in a crowd.

“I remember my first trip to Rome when I was younger,” he says. “I was so impressed with the construction, design and grandeur of the buildings, even before I knew what architecture was. My younger self had an inclination even then about the industry I would later work in.”


As with iconic Italian buildings that have stood the test of time, Edwin likes to work with stone where possible and is impressed with the Italian marble imported especially for the Bulgari store at Landmark Chater. “It has a premium feel about it, and I love that no two stones are identical, adding to its uniqueness.”

When it comes to the best architectural features of Rome, Edwin knows exactly what to recommend. “There are key designs that the Romans are renowned for, so make sure you cover the bases and check them all. From arches to aqueducts, amphitheatres to baths, Rome has it all.”

Explore Edwin Pun’s architectural hot spots in Rome: