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Look no further than to these 15 avid travellers on Instagram for stunning vistas and quirky travel moments captured on camera.

1. Lim May Shen

Family and travel are 2 things that Lim May Shen clearly treasures. Every so often, you’ll find the hard-working founder of The Nail Parlour group off to explore exotic destinations with her loved ones in tow.

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2. Dr. George Lee

Laid back and ever mindful of living in the present, Dr. George Lee boasts an Instagram account that’s a veritable picture book of all the exciting countries he frequents, whether it’s a weekend in Ho Chi Minh or a lazy London summer.

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3. Benjamin Yong

From the vivacious gentleman who helms the BIG Group, expect nothing less than the most tantalising food pics coupled with picturesque scenery and hilarious family moments with wife Elizabeth Lee-Yong and the kids.

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4. Ung Yiu Lin

For an example of #FamilyVacation done right: follow entrepreneur Ung Yiu Lin and her family who have spent many a memorable weekend lounging by the beach in Cataluna or the poolside in sunny Bali.  

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5. Datuk Wira SM Faisal Nasimuddin

The Naza Group’s Datuk Wira SM Faisal isn’t all work and no play: with his untameable thirst for adventure and exceptional travel itinerary, this dapper gent certainly knows how to make a picture say more than a thousand words.

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6. Marion Caunter

Speaking of the Nasimuddin clan, fashionable mum and lady boss Marion Caunter and hubby SM Nasarudin somehow manage to make all their travel photos on Instagram look like the fashion spread of a glossy magazine.

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7. Jenn Low

The founder of Wanderlust and Co has plenty of wanderlust to go around with her sun-kissed Instagram posts shared from Italy, Bali or some other fab vacation spot. What can we say? Creative souls are always in search of their next adventure just over the horizon.

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8. Yong Mei Ling

Restauranteur, cake designer, fitness junky and avid traveller: follow the beautiful and multi-talented Yong Mei Ling as she escapes the monotony of routine every once in a while with a wanderlust adventure, be it with friends or her sister, Yong Mei Fong

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9. Ferhat Nazri-Aziz

Although jetsetter and PR consultant Ferhat Nazri-Aziz works round the clock doing what he does best, this stylish gent knows what to do (and where to go) for some much needed down time every once in a while.

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10. Dato' Rosemarie Wee

Is there a country that Dato’ Rosemarie Wee hasn’t yet been to? From African safaris to the most iconic cities in the world, her globe-trotting adventures together with husband Captain Wee Eng Lee may just spark your own travel adventure soon!

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11. Rowena Baker

Discover the coolest facts and travel hacks about the world’s most exciting far-flung destinations through the lens of Rowena Baker’s camera. A veteran traveller, Rowena has a gift for uncovering the stories innate to the places she visits.

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12. Ken Lim

When Ken Lim feels like playing tourist, you know he’ll do it in style – catch this fashionable businessman on one of his sight-seeing adventures across Europe, Asia and other continents.

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13. Datin Wira Sabrena Dani

You can’t keep the fashionable Datin Wira Sabrena Dani in one place for long. Together with her family, you’ll find her exploring the streets and flexing her creative muscles where mother-daughter Instagram photos are concerned.

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14. Valerie Ong

Count on KIP Group CEO Valerie Ong to see the sights with panache. When this fashionable lady boss isn’t working feverishly behind the scenes, she’s relaxing aboard some luxurious island cruise with a glass of fine wine in hand.  

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15. Rachel Yeoh

Together with her fabulous twin sister Michelle, Rachel Yeoh is a force to be reckoned with in London’s fashion industry, young as she is. A look at this trendy jetsetter’s Instagram page will reveal snapshots of amazing destinations as well as glimpses into the super exclusive world of London's high society.

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