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After a 10-year stint in rugby, Marc Le tells us his big plans to promote the sport and fitness to Malaysians

Marc Le is like a bolt of lightning, both on the field and in person. One thing that stays constant though, is the rugby player’s boyish humour, delivered with a strong Kiwi accent. Though raised in New Zealand, the athlete has represented Malaysia throughout his 10-year sports career, having played for the big leagues like the Marist St Pats in New Zealand and Ricoh Black Rams in Japan. Ever the competitive sportsman, Marc is currently transitioning to greater things, like inspiring KL-ites to be active and healthy through rugby clinics. A peek at his Instagram @the.marc.le will lead you to a wealth of content, from videos demonstrating rapid-fire workouts, to footage of him teaching kids to master slick rugby techniques.

Although Marc claims he’s “not a huge talker,” a growing social media following is drawn to his gregarious and energetic presence, with an unlimited sense of of humour. His worldly outlook and generous attitude has led him to launch an initiative sharing his knowledge in rugby and spread his love for sports. Four months into his Malaysian homecoming, Marc has already carved a name for himself amongst schools and sports societies. We caught up with the poster boy of sports on the field, followed by a lively chat spanning fitness routines to rugby clinics.

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What does fitness mean to you?

Once upon a time, fitness was to get to an end goal. But as I progressed to the professional atmosphere, being fit was to get better at rugby. Now that I’m transitioning out, fitness is a lifestyle. You’ve got to live it; you’ve got to love it.


What was your greatest achievement as a Malaysian sportsman?

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland was a beautiful moment. It was such a great atmosphere. You’re on an international stage, you’ve got over 75,000 people in the stadium just roaring at you.

How are you tackling the challenges in sustaining your clinics?

I’d love to go to every single club and school just to teach them skills, but that’s not efficient. I’m trying to find a base where I can conduct clinics every fortnight. But the biggest thing is keeping it consistent. You could come to my clinic maybe once but I’d need you to practise continuously.

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You’re very active with fitness content on social media. What’s your strategy?

‘How am I adding value to my followers’ lives?’ That’s the first question that comes to mind whenever I post anything. I follow the pillars of motivational, educational, and also by example of lifestyle. My audience is constantly watching through their screens, so I reach them through action. I’m not a huge talker and actions speak louder than words.

Finally, who will you be rooting for at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan?

I grew up in New Zealand and was raised in an All Blacks household, so while I’ll be rooting for them, I do respect the other teams. I have friends playing on the Japanese team, I’ve got friends playing on the Australian team. My partner is Australian, so there’s going to be a big fight in the household. I’ve learned to respect the game a lot more. But yeah, GO, THE ALL BLACKS!

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