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A list of Hong Kong’s women-focused social clubs, gyms and charities to grow your network

In celebration of all things female in our April issue, we scanned the city for its women-only facilities and resources giving opportunities to try something new and meet new faces. From long-established clubs designed to foster networks to fitness spaces where women get stronger together to charities that support and elevate those in need, there’s something for all to earmark for after pandemic measures in the city are eased.

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Club Together

Storied clubs for socialising and sport

Ladies' Recreational Club

Don’t let its rather stuffy-sounding name and 138-year history fool you into thinking this establishment is a relic of the past: the Ladies' Recreational Club is one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after and prestigious members’ clubs, offering dining, sports facilities, pampering, recreational activities and top-notch amenities with a strong family focus—all within an instantly identifiable campus of clubhouses stationed on Old Peak Road.

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American Women’s Association

You don’t have to have been born in the States to be a member of the American Women’s Association (AWA), arguably Hong Kong’s most high-profile club for women. Rather than operate from a base like the Helena May and the LRC, the AWA operates as a network of influential and accomplished women who get together for all sorts of reasons—from participating in sports and hobbies and going on days out to raising money for great causes and learning new skills.

The Helena May

“The premier social club for women” for more than half a century, the Helena May is an establishment set within an iconic listed heritage building. It offers accommodation, fine dining facilities, wedding venues and private events, a library for adults and children and a busy calendar of social and cultural activities for members. Blokes aren’t banned, but are required to join as “associate members”, although the joining and monthly fees are the same as for women.

Girl, Power

Five places to exercise with other women


The best-known of Hong Kong’s women-only fitness spaces, Pherform is a Wyndham Street gym that offers a range of strength and conditioning classes. Not only are workouts held exclusively among women, but include exercises that are tailored to female physiology, anatomy and hormonal profiles. When the pandemic hit, the gym was one of the first to pivot to online classes, and still offers daily Zoom workouts designed to be completed outdoors.

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Nana Gym

Wanchai-based Nana Gym mixes yoga, lifting and cardiovascular workouts to help its exclusively female member base achieve full-body fitness. Head coach Nana Tsang, a 2019 wushu world championship silver medallist, keeps her gym’s programme balanced with TRX (resistance strap training), boxing, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and yoga. The centre has maintained members’ motivation during the pandemic with a range of online classes and quick tip videos on social media.

Studio La Lune

Anna Cabannes, an investment banker-turned wellness enthusiast, launched Studio La Lune—a wellness studio entirely for women—last September, inspired by her own experiences and observations around health and wellbeing. Under ordinary circumstances, the Central studio offers classes from yoga for menstrual health, pre- and post-natal yoga, sound therapy and meditation.

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Fitness Bee

Having opened in 2018, Sheung Wan gym Fitness Bee offers a range of classes that run the fitness gamut—from aerial yoga and pilates to HIIT and circuit training. The stylish and airy studio, designed to be different to the roaring animals, flames and military insignia seen elsewhere in Hong Kong fitness spaces, gives women a supportive and non-intimidating environment to train and get stronger.


Courses run by Jasmine Nunns connect women and girls with the natural world, including their own bodies and inner strengths. Through her organisation Kembali, Nunns, a forest therapy guide, offers a range of experiences from nature-based mentoring programmes for girls to women’s wild swimming and wild camping excursions.

Helping Hands

Hong Kong organisations whose focus is on the city’s women


This organisation protects Hong Kong’s most vulnerable mothers and their children. When a domestic worker becomes pregnant, it can mean losing her job leading to the concurrent loss of her working visa. Stateless, they lose access to important public services like healthcare and can become homeless within a matter of weeks. PathFinders helps not only by providing healthcare and legal support, but also by lobbying for change in a system that is inherently unfair on the workers without whom daily life in Hong Kong would crumble.

Women Helping Women

Nearly 40 per cent of women in Hong Kong have experienced some form of sexual violence, according to statistics shared by the Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities in time for International Women’s Day last month. Women Helping Women Hong Kong supports a network of programmes that increase awareness of violence and improve the lives of underprivileged women and children who have been subjected to abuse in its myriad guises.

The Women’s Foundation

Many are aware of The Women’s Foundation and their goal of improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong by striving for equality through initiatives like educating young people about unconscious bias to advocating for more women on boards in Hong Kong’s corporate sector. What is less known is how much work the organisation does with men. Its Male Allies programme addresses the role of men in advancing gender equality in the workplace by recruiting male business leaders.

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Her Fund

Her Fund promotes rights and opportunities for marginalised and disadvantaged women through grant-making, leadership training and capacity building. The organisation funds grassroots groups working on freedom from violence, discrimination, poverty, and the promotion of women’s participation in the running of the city—endeavours that are “critical building blocks for women’s human rights”, the charity says.

What else?

Further reasons to meet, network and grow

The Hong Kong Women’s Choir

A registered charity that unites women from all walks of life who share the same passion: singing.

Ladies’ Circle Hong Kong

This group meets for social and charitable events with monthly dinners at the Aberdeen Boat Club.


Women of Hong Kong

“A safe space for women to network and support each other”, Women of Hong Kong fosters a tight network of members through events, courses and conversations.

The Hong Kong Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association

The HKWPEA is a non-profit organisation that unites female entrepreneurs and business owners, and develops leadership skills in young women.

Zonta Hong Kong

The Hong Kong chapter of a US-founded global organisation that fights to improve women’s legal, political, economic, education, health and professional status.


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