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Want to spoil your pet a little? Order sweet treats for them at these specialty stores!

We know you've been getting extra close to your furry friends in quarantine! After all, who knows how to cheer us up better than our dogs? Their wagging tails and soulful eyes are the perfect way to end (or begin) a day. So go ahead and treat all your good boys (and girls!) with something extra special today. 

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Barkin Blends

People best know Barkin Blends as the adorable dog cafe to go to for a drink around adorable canines. But did you know they also specialise in some pretty cool dog treats? They make "dognuts" (doughnuts for dogs) that utilise wheat-free and grain-free flour so it's safe for your furry friends! Not only that, but they also offer very tempting "numnums" (dog treats made from honey or carob) and even a "doggo burger" with flaxseed beef, cucumber, and cheese! 

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As you can probably guess, Pupsicles serves up an interesting array of popsicles that's good for both dogs and humans. Each of the flavours are made with very simple and all natural ingredients. For example: their strawberry banana flavour contains just strawberries, bananas, greek yogurt, coconut water, and honey. Of course, if your furry friends are looking for something with a more meaty aftertaste, Pupsicles also offers pork broth mint and banana pork broth flavours which incorporate homemade pork broth. 

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Barkery On 10th

If your dog likes to nibble just a little, consider getting them a bully stick from Barkery On 10th! All their bully sticks are made from Australian cattle and are completely safe and digestible (not to mention low-fat and high protein!). Other products include jerky made from rabbit, turkey, wild boar, and organic goat — so you're sure your furry friend has an array to choose from. Those looking for something a little different can even try their duck feet or head (yep, you read that right!), all of which are hormone and antibiotic free and is an excellent source of calcium and amino acids. 

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Whole Pet Kitchen & Bark-ery

Whole Pet Kitchen & Bark-ery serves up delicious meals and treats for both humans and dogs! Order some takeout for your furry friend with their varied menu of meals and pastries that have been specially tailored for your pup. These include fun cakes, muffins, biscuits, and grub for your dog. Some of their most interesting offerings include liver "pupcakes", mini "pupcakes" with veggie frosting, salmon muffins, and even beefy biscotti. 

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Pawty Pack

Pawty Pack has a wide assortment of dehydrated meats, muffins, and biscuits ready to reward your best friend with. Made from premium quality human-grade ingredients, everything on their menu is specifically targeted to keep your canines healthy. Their latest addition, sunflower butter, is the perfect alternative to peanut butter (and is also healthier as it incorporates organic sunflower seeds and virgin coconut oil). 

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Bow & Wow

Bow & Wow is one of the most convenient online stores for all things pets. Not only do they have treats, but they also have essentials for dogs of all ages alongside grooming supplies, dental needs, and beds. Their range of dog treats is quite extensive too with everything from chew toys to hide sticks and meat rolls. You can bet that anything you need will be available for you at Bow & Wow. 

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Make And Bake For Pets

Need a cake for your dog's "bark"-day? Look no further than at Make and Bake For Pets! Their extensive menu of all things "barkery" features vibrant cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a more personalised touch, go for their 3D face cakes that aim to replicate your furry friend in pastry form! What could be more special than that? 

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Bits And Bites

Owned and run by "kidprenures", Bits And Bites offers customers (and their pets!) gratifying homemade biscuits in peanut butter and cheddar flavours. Its crunchy texture and well-loved flavours are sure to tempt and satisfy even the pickiest of dog friends!