Staying home amid the covid-19 pandemic doesn't mean that you get to skip a comprehensive sweat session as you would at the gym. Designed to take your indoor workouts to the next level, these ultra-luxe pieces of gym equipment are the perfect addition for you to take your fitness journey to new heights

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Dumbbells from Hock

Just when you thought that dumbbells couldn't get any more stylish, Hock, the German company that manufactures luxury fitness equipment, recently unveiled their latest pair of heavyweight objet d'art to amp up your fitness routine. 

Made of finely sanded rare Grenadilla wood and 18-carat gold weight plates crafted at Germany's largest gold refinery in Pforzheim, these go for €127,000 per set and will be delivered to you in a specially crafted solid wooden box, along with its certificate of authenticity. But it is fastest fingers first to get your hands on these dumbbells, as only 50 pairs of the limited-edition item are available in the market.

Available at HockDesign

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Ciclotte Bike

Conceptualised by Milan-based designer Luca Schieppati, the Ciclotte Bike is a combination of groundbreaking form and function that results in a standout fitness tool with an ability to meld effortlessly into any living space. Its design is reminiscent of monocycles from the late 1800s but don't be fooled, as it is sleek, ergonomic and able to withstand high-intensity aerobic training sports, fashioned from high-quality carbon, steel and glass fibres. 

To better incorporate entertainment into your workout, users can also choose to include an exclusive iPad and iPhone holder to stream movies, TV shows, or listen to music as they work up a sweat. 

Available at Ciclotte Bike

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Peloton harnesses the power of the community to keep you pushing through your workout. With its gyms temporarily closed in light of the Covid-19 global crisis, it manages to bring its high energy spin classes to the comfort of your living room with its at-home Peloton bike, delivered right to your doorstep. Available either on its own or as part of three different packages, users who wish to access its library of classes will need to sign up for a monthly subscription which enables you to join more than 20 live sessions per day. 

The packages come with a pair of spinning shoes, weights, headphones, heart rate monitors, bike mat and water bottles. 

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Available at Peloton

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Start training for your next mountaineering expedition with this new innovative machine which seeks to take the traditional step master workout to the next level. Equipped with a seamless interface that keeps track of your real-time metrics, it also comes with tutorials for users to make the most out of their machines. 

For those looking for a challenge, Clmbr comes with 11 discrete resistance settings which allow for climbers to customise their workout depending on their preferred level of difficulty. Its integrated audio system also creates an immersive experience for athletes to zone in and get lost in the moment. Made of Kevlar-reinforced belts—a material that is classified as sturdy and industrial-grade—it is built to withstand the toughest of workouts for experienced athletes. 

Available at Clmbr

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Probably the least space-consuming equipment to own, Mirror is a seamless addition yet highly rewarding one-stop fitness tool to have at home. If you're a fitness enthusiast who prefers switching between workouts every other day, it plays host to over 70 new live classes every week from yoga to boxing that will keep you on your toes and spoiled for choice. 

To track your progress over time, simply pair your Bluetooth heart rate monitor or Apple Watch to the Mirror, or attempt to beat your personal best as the app's proprietary algorithm charts your ability to achieve, maintain and recover over the course of your workout. A total of six family members will be able to access your Mirror membership, perfect for the whole family involved as we tide through this period together. 

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