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From escaping murderers to horrors of the supernatural kind, these real-life escape room games—played in up to groups of 5—make for a fun, socially-distanced Halloween celebration

With the timeline for Phase 3 to kick in still unclear, Halloween celebrations will likely be different in 2020. There won't be large-scale Halloween events at Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, and more, and they won't be any costume parties at our favourite clubs and bars.

That doesn't mean we can't have some spooky fun, however. Instead, why not enjoy a unique bonding experience with your best friends or family in one of Singapore's many escape rooms? Some of these rooms are equipped with the latest technology that will spook and excite you, while others earn points for their ambience and immersive gameplay. Here are some games to check out.

Xcape Singapore

Amongst the largest escape room operators in Singapore, Xcape offers a total of 10 different games, keeping thrillseekers coming back for more. Xcape incorporates some of the latest sound and lighting effects, as well as mechanical and electrical capabilities to create immersive experiences in its rooms, which consists of various chambers, so be ready to get your hands dirty or climb around.

For some spine-chilling fun, opt for The Morgue, which puts you in the creepiest place of the hospital after dark, in order to get to the bottom of spooky events that are happening. Annabelle—inspired by the infamous haunted doll—also makes a thrilling experience as you help paranormal investigator William end a deadly curse.

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Originating from Hong Kong, Lost Singapore offers all the same popular games found in its Causeway Bay outlet, enhanced for the local audience. Located at Peace Centre, the Singapore outpost offers five unique escape rooms—each offering immersive experiences with ambient lighting and sound, decor and props, as well as sensors that will activate clues and unlock doors via sound or by completing puzzles.

This Halloween, band with your friends to escape Aokigahara—Japan’s notorious suicide forest, where you may just stumble into a forgotten corpse or two. If you are craving a different sort of adrenaline rush, however, opt for the newly introduced Mausoleum, which takes you into Emperor Qin’s eerie underground palace that is laid with traps.

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Bringing horror movie scenarios to life, Trapped puts both your wit and courage to the test—you’re given only three lifelines to call for help during the 60-minute gameplay and we hear that the success rate of escaping is only 17 per cent. Despite its horror-inspired themes, Trapped maintains that its rooms are safe for both the young and old as there are minimal physical activities required.

Located at Scape, Trapped currently offers three escape rooms—The Purge (inspired by the 2013 dystopian thriller) where you and your friends have to escape captivity by a demented group of “purgers”; Escape from the Mental Ward, which will see you unravelling the secrets within a mysterious ward that is cordoned off; and Escape from Pulau Tekong, which will hit particularly close to home for national servicemen.

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The Escape Artist

Brains and brawn come hand in hand in The Escape Artist’s rooms, which involve physical activities such as climbing, crawling, jumping and even punching. On top of that, The Escape Artist stands out from other escape rooms with its Hero system, which allows players to choose a superpower—from extra time to getting one more hint.

It offers six themed games in total across its Harbourfront and Joo Chiat outlets, most of which are inspired by magic and fantasy. For something to get you into the Halloween spirit, try the Zombie Apocalypse Outpost X where you venture through zombie-infested lands during a plague to a safety outpost, or Count Dracula, where you find your way through a maze of corridors to destroy a bloodthirsty vampire in his slumber.

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The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore

Not a fan of scary escape rooms? The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore lets you play the detective in crime-inspired games instead, giving your brain a workout with their puzzles. The Escape Hunt’s games are designed for smaller groups of two to six players, with a dedicated game master who will play the game with you and guide you through the entire experience.

The Escape Hunt offers three themed games across six rooms—Mystery of the 27 Club, where you play a famous rock star who has to solve a mystery before the clock strikes 12 on your birthday; The Secret Assignment where you go undercover and infiltrate an evil corporation’s headquarters to prevent a nuclear launch; and The Whitechapel Murderer, an investigation into Jack the Ripper that dates back to 1888.

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