Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Mercury and Mars join thoughts and action creatively, though complications may arise. Feminine wisdom takes on a whimsical flavour with Pallas Athena in a new sign.

Get out of your head

Signs most affected: Virgo and Libra

The world may feel like a series of funhouse mirrors as our perceptions and thought processes experience some extremes. Mercury, indicating how we make sense of inputs from the environment, will be affected in different ways as it comes into contact with Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter this week.

Our minds may race from deep analysis to unbounded fantasizing to high-handed philosophizing. The distance between what we say and the truth could be farther apart than usual. Try to get out of your head. When Mercury enters Cancer on July 6 the frenzy should dial down.

Desire for control

Signs most affected: Aries, Cancer, and Libra

Opportunities for taking action may come up as Mars makes a dynamic contact with Mercury. Use the buzzy energy to take action if inspiration strikes since it is more likely to work out. Avoid any impulsive battles of will with Mars, still in dignity in Aries, coming into harsh contact with Pluto in the early part of the week. The desire for dominance and control can be strong at this time, so stay extra vigilant against anything underhanded or lacking integrity.

Tap into your wits

Signs most affected: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Asteroid Pallas Athena, symbolizing feminine wisdom and justice, moves from earthy Taurus to witty Gemini. Good judgment can manifest in more light-hearted forms, such as defusing a tense situation with a well-timed joke or quip. Asking questions can facilitate more informed decision-making. Although she is essentially receptive, in this sign her power can be more observable.

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