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Our astrologer, De Rui, tells us all about July

The Cancer New Moon in the last days of June eased us into a period of preservation and protection. At its core, Cancer’s vibes are sympathetic and nurturing, if sometimes a little standoffish. Especially when it comes to our family or close loved ones, the impulse is to protect and to hold space for feeling. When it comes to ourselves, we can become introspective and prefer to be alone. This inward turn can sometimes be caused by external events, forcing us to face what has been neglected for too long.

Self-care is especially essential in the first few days of July, when Mars and Pluto form harsh contact. These two most unconscious of planets, both currently in headstrong cardinal signs, can lead us down a path of pointless aggression or ego-driven confrontation if we are not mindful. Remember that having empathy for yourself is the best form of protection against negative vibes from others. Practice detachment from deep feelings of inadequacy and dark thoughts. As July gets underway, Mars comes into positive contact with Mercury, lending creative flair to communications, just before both planets move into more lowkey, peace-seeking signs.

The Full Moon on July 13 constellates in Capricorn, when we can formulate more of a plan or strategy for success. After a couple of weeks of tuning into emotions and synthesizing intuitions, mid-month is when we will want to debut new goals. Even if we are not exactly ambitious types, the energies will shed light on how to build out our personal legacy, or at least how to accumulate more good deeds to our name.

Cosmic turbulence is present at the end of July, when keeping our eyes on the prize will become important. Mercury, Saturn, and Mars align in the last week to indicate a potential rock and hard place. Avoid getting stuck by activating Mars and applying persistent effort. Mars continues to hold court heading into August as it joins with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Sudden and unexpected developments, or even dislocations, are more than possible under these influences. Though not everyone enjoys shifting sands, the result is in line with the next stage of our progress.

The Month by Sun Sign


How you manage private versus public demands, or home versus career obligations, may be due for a refresh. Stay open-minded to new information that changes how you balance the two. While change isn’t always comfortable, you don’t have to do a complete 180 overnight. Gradual progress is commendable, too. The action-oriented energies of Mars stay in your sign only through the first week of July, while Jupiter turns to go over earlier Aries territory at the end of the month. Those born in late March especially will receive another shot of optimism and expansion.


A period of high energy, vitality, and very likely productiveness is about to begin. Whatever you are working on will begin to generate the kind of appreciation you have always wanted, creating a positive reinforcement for you to make a bigger effort. You would do well to figure out where and how best to use the vibes. July’s explorations into the public and private self and how to prioritize should strike a chord. The Capricorn Full Moon in particular may facilitate realizations about your ambitions. The end of July could bring a surprising twist to everything you have been working toward.


Asteroid Pallas Athena moves into your sign in the first week of July, gracing Geminis with her wisdom and intellect. This Lady Justice archetype ensures that any qualities of fairmindedness and clear thinking will shine through brightly.

The first and last weeks of the month are excellent for any writing, speaking, songwriting, or other forms of self-expression that you choose to do. Social gatherings with a diverse cast of characters or activities are supported in the first half of July. Consider it a big accomplishment if you can spot and fix any part of your family-career balance that might need it.


Happy Birthday, dear Cancer, belatedly for some of you. The New Moon at the end of June is giving a flavor to our collective strivings that you are intimately familiar with. Concerns about the past, home, or deep emotions may have people seeking you out for guidance.

Birthday periods are not typically a high-vitality time in general, but if your own battery is sufficiently charged up, try to help others and spread wisdom. The week on either side of the Capricorn Full Moon supports your clear and lucid communication. Social activity is more likely to be nourishing for the soul in the second half of the month.


Your productivity and sense of optimism should keep running at elevated levels at least through the first week of July while Mars is in Aries sending positive vibes. Others are also more likely to fall in line with your plans and perspectives in the first week so bring forward any pitches or presentations, if possible. Otherwise, look to the last 10 days after Mercury moves into Leo. For those born in late July, this year’s Solar Return is joined with the asteroid Ceres, which brings great encouragement or validation for the ways you shine. Enjoy deep resonance with the collective mood at the July 28 New Moon in your sign.


You are ready to look at your public and private goals, and the related important question of what you want to be when you grow up. Practical decisions regarding family and career demands are worth contemplating especially around the July 13 Full Moon.

Adjustments or realignments can be more easily made around mid-month when Mercury’s placement is helping to bring people on board with your plans. From this time forward through to late August, the strength of your will be stronger than usual. With some proper planning, you can really make use of these heightened energy levels and get a lot done.


The dual goals of being both caring and competitive at the same time can gnaw at you a bit. This is an opportunity to mature on both fronts – caring without being a pushover and competitive without being cold-hearted. Auspiciously, asteroid Pallas Athena enters Gemini in the first week of July, making wisdom and justice easily available to you. In the first half of the month, Venus creates a positive sociable atmosphere and enhances your sense of ease among people. On the work front, any obstructions you face should be probed for constructive comments or useful feedback.


Like Pisces, any instincts you have to protect and nurture are ready for action. A process of tapping into intuitions and feeling out your inner truth will unfold with ease. By the time the Full Moon is illuminated on July 13, you will have a much better sense of direction in terms of where you are headed in the world. Tensions with others may result due to people working at cross-purposes, particularly later in the month. If you are clear within yourself, dealing with it can be a piece of cake. Relationships with partners and friends in the second-half of the month can move you.


The opening days of July are ripe for drama. The action planet Mars continues to support your energy and vitality through the first week, while at the same time there is room for disagreement and conflicts of opinion. Women or feminine figures, especially, can be a source of challenge around an integrity or justice issue. The energies straighten out in the last 10 days of the month when planetary bodies start moving into fellow fire sign Leo. In the meantime, continue to work on your projects in ways you can control, and if necessary, set aside whatever needs consensus for the time being.


A Full Moon in your sign on July 13 is a moment to reflect on how you are special and the contributions that only you can make. Take the first part of the month to engage with your inner world. Deal with the family or emotional issues that need attention.

Marinate in feelings or nostalgia without feeling guilty. If you commit fully to these internal processes, useful insights can emerge in the latter half of the month about how to conquer the external world. Mars boosts your vitality and energy by mid-month, so you will want to be in the best state of mind to use it.


The opening days of July are excellent for communicating and being productive. There will be many willing to jump on board with your plans and help you to manifest ideas. As the month gets underway, frictions may start to rise. The pace of progress may slow. Luckily, as with Gemini and Libra, you have the wisdom of asteroid Pallas Athena on your side, helping you to defend what is good and right without getting into extended confrontation or conflict. Any inroads you can make on balancing your public versus private goals would be a real breakthrough.



A concerted Cancerian effort to block off time and space for yourself may be required and you are more than capable of making it happen. Meanwhile, your strength of will is on fire with Mars sending dynamic energy from Taurus. Enemies and to-do lists be warned, Pisces can plow through with unusual presence at this time.

Mid-month is a great time to let your true feelings be known. Social activities pick up as July winds down. Heading into August, the energies can feel a little bumpy and uneven. Any surprising turns of events, even if they affect your material reality, can be handled with grace.

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