Cover Here's what your horoscope has in store for you this week (Illustration: Raphael Quiason/Tatler Asia)

This is Tatler's Weekly Horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

A New Moon in Sagittarius brings optimism and gives us courage. Social interactions can be sweet and satisfying. Love and healing take a bit of added effort and work.

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Signs most affected: Virgo and Libra

Social interactions of all kinds are supported as Mercury and Venus come together. We can be more thoughtful and considerate in making plans or in expressing our views. Compliments and sweet words can also be plentiful, making any social time spent with colleagues, friends and family that much more enjoyable. We can have an easier time intuiting in the moment what it is that others need to hear. The Sun’s harmonious contact with Jupiter can populate our circles with humorous, fun-loving people who bring positive energy.

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Signs most affected: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The middle part of the week features a New Moon in Sagittarius, followed by Jupiter—the planet of optimism, expansion and abundance—coming out of its four-month retrograde. Capture this uplifting energy by planning a ritual for Wednesday evening and setting some goals and intentions. After what could have been a more defensive period of self-consolidation and recalibration in mid-November, the opportunity now presents itself to seek broader horizons and to expand the realm of our possibilities.

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Signs most affected: Gemini and Leo

Intimate partnerships and long-term commitments may become a little more demanding of us with asteroids Juno and Vesta on the move towards the end of the week. This is a time when self-sacrifice on some level may be required to work through relationship issues. One way to make sure we are ready to give fully of ourselves is to make sure we aren’t neglecting our own inner work and healing. Surprisingly, being willing to step up and tackle love dilemmas can also bring a sense of peace

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