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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer De Rui

A Capricorn Full Moon on Wednesday illuminates how personal efforts can have a lasting impact. Saturn brings the focus to rules and authorities. Desires become larger than life with Venus.

Set your goals

Signs most affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

The Full Moon on July 13 brings insights about success and achievement. The tuning-in we have done recently has a chance now to inform how we should progress toward our goals. We may identify role models and powerful people to ally with. Or we could research more deeply what we are interested in, and then engage in thought leadership on the subject. Whether or not you are a leader or aspire to be one, you will leave a mark on the world in some way. Now is the time to be more intentional about what kind of mark it will be.

Faith in authority

Signs most affected: Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius

Saturn makes contact with Venus, the Sun, and Mercury in quick succession, adding to the more serious flavor of the moment. We may feel an urge to find the best bargain or make the most prudent choice in objects, people, or ideas. Our thinking more generally may become more constrained, and authority figures may have greater than usual influence over people. Mitigate Saturn’s effect by appreciating structures without being overly hemmed in by rules.

Fantasies run high

Signs most affected: Scorpio and Pisces

People and objects, in particular, take on more intensity as Venus makes contact with Neptune and Pluto. Fantasies and idealisations can run high about who or what we desire. Especially what we want but can’t have has never looked so good. Efforts to control may come up. As usual, getting caught up in a dream can be thrilling and fun as long as we don’t take things too far.

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