Cover Here's what your horoscope has in store for you this week (Illustration: Raphael Quiason/Tatler Hong Kong)

Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer De Rui

Go after what you want this week while Mercury, Venus, and Mars make auspicious contact with the outer planets. The period may bring pleasure, excitement, and rewards for well-planned risks.

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Assert your desires

Signs most affected: Aries and Scorpio

Take advantage of increased intensity at the beginning of the week to manifest desires. A harmonious contact between Mars and Pluto provides an understanding of human motivation and how to put forward a convincing argument. We may be more likely to help others achieve their goals, and to engage in mutual back-scratching at this time.

Take a leap of faith

Signs most affected: Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius

Our planning and thinking may turn to more long-term themes by midweek. Particularly if we have been holding off on some newfangled inventions that others have been onto for a while, this might be when the time is right. Remember that you don’t have to take a plunge if all you want to do is dip a toe in. Whatever experimentation you do at this time could have beneficial effects in the grand scheme of things, especially since you may have been mulling over the pros and cons for some time.

Enjoy yourself and have a good time

Signs affected the most: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

As the weekend nears, bigger is better and more is more. Eating, spending, and partying may take on grander proportions as Venus and Jupiter make easy contact in Fire signs. Social activities can be more fun and bring an expansive quality to life. We can learn a lot and feel freer in the presence of others. As usual, use judgment when it comes to indulgences, but particularly for those who are normally more conservative and austere, letting loose a little now may be exactly what is needed. 


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