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Our astrologer, De Rui, tells us all about September

Fun and excitement over the July-August period may well have simmered down by now, especially following the New Moon in Virgo at the end of August. Our thoughts can now turn to purification, detoxing, and how to be more optimized for our goals. The healthy functioning of basic systems that support us, such as our bodies, routines, finances and relationships, could use some fine-tuning right about now. Auspiciously, a dynamic contact between Mars and Mercury in the opening days of this month supports action and achieving real results. Use the potent energy to streamline and simplify.

Mercury enters retrograde on September 10, just as this period of editing and improvement-making draws to a close. The Pisces Full Moon on the same day zooms all of us out, from working on small details to stepping back and considering the big, ultimate picture. In the two weeks following the Full Moon, we may form conclusions about how much of what we control really adds up to having more love and compassion in the world. Situations may remind us of the difference between our mortal plans versus the grand plans of the divine. Mercury’s retrograde dovetails with these themes by supporting deeper thinking and listening to our inner wisdom.

The Autumn (or Spring, in the Southern Hemisphere) Equinox on September 23 marks the Sun’s passage over the Earth’s equator. As the weather begins to change, so does the cosmic mood music. A New Moon in Libra on September 26, and leading into the first part of October, presents a chance to experiment with topics of balance, diplomacy, and cooperation with others. Once again, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, is in a supportive position as it joins forces with Venus and makes positive contact with Pluto. As the month draws to a close, messages from and to others can not only be soothing, but also powerful and deeply moving.

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The Month by Sun Sign


The fine-tuning of small details is not normally in your wheelhouse, but if you want to improve results in areas like your health, wealth, or love, the first 10 days of the month are an invitation to slow down and pay more attention. Likewise, after the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde, pondering the great mysteries of life and the Great Beyond can offer some big realizations, even if it’s not your favourite pastime. During Mercury’s three-week retrograde, triple-check interpersonal texts or emails, especially to frenemies or anyone who is likely to challenge you. The last week of September may bring into your orbit your polar-opposite types who actually turn out to appreciate your best qualities.


The down-to-earth task of pruning your life to improve health and efficiency comes naturally to you so the first 10 days of the month can be a time to make personal strides. After the Pisces Full Moon, though, is when you might receive truly special insights or realizations, particularly about the role of love and compassion and in your life. Intimate relationships can benefit from any changes of direction you want to make in September. The path of the Sun and Venus for the next few weeks may usher in kindred spirits and supportive figures, including friends who appreciate your taste. Another important theme as the month gets underway is accessing the feminine powers of listening and sensitivity in order to wield power and create justice.


You can gain a lot from the current period of editing and improving habits and energies, even if parts of it are a slog and less than exciting. At the Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde, be prepared to receive signs from the divine reminding you of who is in charge. Take any surprises in your stride and try to integrate the life lessons the Universe is trying to convey. Your vitality and energy levels may be high with Mars in your sign until next spring, so continue to set a higher bar for yourself in terms of activity and productivity. In the last week of September, Mercury backs into Virgo. At this time, take the usual precautions of triple-checking important messages and building in extra buffers in case of the unexpected.


Taking steps to streamline and simplify can offer special rewards at this time. At the September 10 Full Moon in Pisces, spiritual contemplations can align your actions with manifesting more compassion and love in the world. It is often when we forget that the divine must intervene and remind us. Mercury’s backwards motion on the same day as the Full Moon is a time to pay closer attention to what you say, plan, and write. Build in extra time and resources where things might fall through the cracks. Mishaps should ease off heading into the last week of the month. No matter your gender, the feminine powers of sensitivity and receptivity, as signified by the asteroid Pallas Athena, are yours all month long. Wield her wisely.


Any remaining hopes of wild or exuberant merrymaking should be planned for September 5 at the latest. After that Venus moves out of your sign and into much-less-fun Virgo, and celebrations after that point may be more prudent and muted. As with Aries, Libra, and Aquarius, you might not find the adjustments needed this month to be all that exciting or relevant. Pay attention to the quieter contemplations especially required after the Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde on September 10. Whether our beliefs are aligned with the universal goals of love and compassion (including for ourselves) will be up for consideration. These themes may also manifest in your marriage or intimate partnership. Communications and planning need more of your attention in the last week of September.


The current period through to the Full Moon is a time to show your leadership and to offer wisdom to others. Your natural tendency to serve, help, and make improvements—even at the cost of winning friends and kudos—is what everyone must aspire to right now. On the September 10 Full Moon, a release of tension is possible as the focus shifts to all that we cannot see and discern. Contemplate whether there is love and compassion at the root of all your motivations. Venus in your sign for most of the month supports gatherings with others at a time when you are likely to feel at ease with people. Planning requires more attention with Mercury’s retrograde, with mishaps easing off from the last week of September.


Up until the Pisces Full Moon on September 10, Mercury is still moving forward through your sign and boosting your mental agility, listening, and speaking. While the current, slightly OCD period of pruning and editing isn’t normally your favourite, any efforts you make at optimizing routines and habits could yield big rewards. Similarly, contemplating the meaning of life and the role of higher powers at the Full Moon could bring more love into relationships. During Mercury’s three-week retrograde, and especially heading into the last week of the month, pay very close attention to the plans you make with others and any complex coordination, from hosting an event for hundreds of people to organizing a drop-off for your child. The September 26 New Moon in Libra is a chance to lead others with your superior relating skills.


The feminine strengths of sensitivity and receptivity are yours in September as asteroid Pallas Athena makes a move into fellow Water sign Cancer on September 8. You can expect to wield this energy authoritatively in order to right wrongs that you come across and set records straight. In the meantime, big strides can be made if you work to streamline your life and align with the goals of the divine. Intimate relationships, too, can benefit from any deep thinking that you do around the Pisces Full Moon. The impact of Mercury’s retrograde may be more acute in the middle part of September before it eases. As usual, build in the necessary buffers around your plans and take an extra minute to re-read important messages before hitting send.


As with Gemini, some elbow grease is needed this month for the dual tasks of healthy pruning and aligning with the divine source. As they say, no pain, no gain, and you are not one to shy away from a challenge. Beware of a touchy ego this month as confrontations present themselves. Ask yourself whether diving into an argument is the best path forward or whether there is a deeper, more loving way of seeing the situation. The effects of Mercury Retrograde may be easier for you to handle in September until the month begins to wind down. In the last week, pay close attention and leave extra room for surprises. The New Moon on September 26 sets off a new cycle of fun exploration in the realm of relationships.


Friends and fellow travellers are available to you as you engage in the process of optimising routines and structures for what you want to achieve. September is a good time to be social and gather with like minds in order to bounce ideas off one another. The Pisces Full Moon and its themes of spiritual love, understanding, and compassion, ask that you make the time and space for quiet contemplation. As a result, you could emerge with a stronger sense of purpose and alignment with the Universe. Put off making any complex plans until the last week of September, when Mercury Retrograde becomes much more benign for your sign. Yield the right of way to any feminine authority figures who need to make something right.


Stopping to think about how’s and why’s may not be particularly appealing right now when planetary energies are strongly supporting your actions and forward momentum. If you can find the time to pause, edit, refine, and align spiritually, though, you would be in a rare category that stands to reap outsized rewards. After Mercury enters its retrograde period on September 10, you can expect fewer mishaps and embarrassing faux pas than others may experience, at least until the last week of the month. Use Mercury’s energies to reflect deeply on your relationships and the past. It is an opportunity to integrate and process leftover emotions that came up in the recent past while all your cylinders have been firing. Friends and helpers are plentiful heading into October.


The Full Moon in your sign on September 10 joins forces with Juno, the partnership asteroid, suggesting influence from your spouse or long-term partner (or partner wish) on your spiritual evolution at this time. Your natural orientation is already geared toward pondering what all this is for, and it may be at this time that you can play a guiding or facilitating role for others to progress on their path. Meanwhile, asteroid Pallas Athena’s ingress to Cancer on September 8 brings feminine wisdom and authority within your reach. At this time, you can channel the strengths of listening, intuition, and sensitivity to co-create more justice and peace in the world. Don’t be surprised if you come across polar-opposite types who see you and can share a laugh.


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