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Our astrologer, De Rui, tells us all about August

The individual and the group are the guiding themes this month. A cycle of experimentation began under the Leo New Moon at the end of July, highlighting our own creative flair and self-discovery. At this time, we are best served by channelling our inner light and being willing to step up and shine, even to the point of excess and grandiosity.

Humility and practicality are virtues that can be momentarily set aside, as group considerations give way to fiery energy that is not afraid of taking charge and a leap of faith. What matters now is individual action and belief.

During this portal, Mars travels together with Uranus along with the North Node in Taurus, indicating that the collective mood to act joins with the common desire to discard business-as-usual. Especially when it comes to the environment, our money, or peace and security, we are more than ready to see some concrete progress and break new ground. Surprises are possible, particularly in the opening days of the month. The shifts may not be entirely comfortable—and certainly, they won’t be for everyone—but they are likely to be for all of our greatest good.

On August 12, the Aquarius Full Moon will encourage us to take stock of just what ideals we share with others, and how the bit of the world we occupy could be made better. After a period of taking empowered, personal action, the waning part of the Moon cycle asks that we step back from ourselves to think about our friends, social circles, society, and perhaps humanity as a whole. How we contribute will be based on what we are uniquely positioned or equipped to do. If the Leo New Moon is about pushing out our individual limits, then the Aquarius Full Moon will be about applying personal power to the ideals we share with others.

In mid-August, the Sun and Mars begin to form a harsh contact that doesn’t peak until the start of the next moon cycle on August 27. During this time, egos can be sensitive and a competitive pulse beats more strongly than usual. Clashes between competing visions, or grand plans may break out. Never fear, because often those with something to prove are exactly the ones who will bring forward the future. 

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The Month by Sun Sign


Honouring your own impulses and expressions this month isn’t likely to pose a challenge. The Aquarius Full Moon, in particular, could set a few things in motion in terms of how you want to make a difference. Friends and kindred spirits are plentiful at this time and can help clarify how you want to spend time or concentrate your efforts. Social events and gatherings can be more satisfying and harmonious later as August gets underway. Any presentations or public speaking or writing you are doing can be more successfully pulled off in the first week.


Situations may present themselves that call for you to be brave and take a chance. It may feel silly and strange to express yourself but oddly enough that is exactly what is required. These opportunities to push personal boundaries can help to define who you are and how you are best placed to make a difference. Mars, the action planet, doesn’t leave your sign until August 21, so until then enjoy the elevated levels of potency and effectiveness. Uranus begins to move backwards again on August 24, extending the period of change you may have already been experiencing.


This is a time for rest, recreation, and inspiration. You may be on a roll expressing your creative side and finding which chords you strike or audiences you play well to. Enjoy yourself first and foremost. By the time the Full Moon on August 12 rolls around, inspiration may arrive about the type of future you want to help co-create. Kindred spirits and people on the same wavelength come out of the woodwork in the second half of the month. The last 10 days of August bring a surge of energy and, potentially, dedicated helpers.


Individual expression and collective change may be beyond what you normally consider to be important, so any effort you put into exploring these themes this month could be very beneficial. Social gatherings, where you are likely to feel at ease and nourished at this time, could present the right opportunities for such growth. The middle part of August is a great time to attract alignment with your plans and ideas. For the better part of the month, Mars the Warrior planet supports your effectiveness and is getting your way. Unexpected friends may bring serendipity heading into September.


As an expert in exuding light and making others feel warm, you are well positioned to help people around you to find their own light. If you’d rather focus on channelling your own specialness, at least set a good example with your childlike joy and generosity of spirit. By the August 12 Aquarius Full Moon, flashes of brilliance may strike as to what difference you can make at a collective level—either in your personal networks or beyond. As the Moon wanes, Venus finds herself in your sign and brings the potential for a bit of decadence and excess, particularly in social gatherings. Perhaps someone has a birthday to celebrate?


Mercury’s stay in your sign from August 4-26 brings a sense of comfort and alignment, as external validation of plans and ideas is more readily available. It’s a good time to present or publish, and an even better time to perform something near and dear to your heart. If you can override the inner voices calling you silly or trivial, huge strides for personal growth can be gained. For most of the month, Mars is supporting your efficiency and productiveness from over in Taurus, so have fun winning battles and having things your way more often in August.


Fresh thinking and bold ideas speak to you, so it’s a good time to get your creative juices flowing. Indulge in play and excess to tap into higher realms of inspiration. By the time the Aquarius Full Moon rolls around, you might emerge with grand plans for a more peaceful, harmonious world and who to co-create it with. Social fun can be found after the Full Moon. The last week of August brings a rise in energy, productivity, and fellow travellers who believe in your ambitions and plans. Asteroid Vesta, moving backwards, into Aquarius puts committed devotion within your reach.


A bit of frivolous impracticality never hurt anyone, so lean into opportunities to feel liberated and free. Pushing the limits of your self-imposed boundaries at this time could yield lessons about what makes you special and how you can give back to your groups. The first half of the month promises more social fun. Interesting investment opportunities or big purchases are more successfully pulled off before the Full Moon, with Venus supporting your intuitive and higher knowing. Exciting flirtations or dalliances can manifest after Venus, the planet of value and love, enters Leo, although be forewarned that they are unlikely to be serious.


Friends and supporters are readily available as multiple planets move through fellow Fire sign Leo. Key allies may share your passions and can see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to what actions to take and when. The Full Moon on August 12 in Aquarius is a time to consolidate your vision and make a plan for the future you want to be a part of. If and once events are set in motion, they are more likely to take off and meet with success. Towards the end of August, take any challenges to your will as a chance to make a better case for what you want.


There is a wonderful window around mid-August to be extra convincing and effective when it comes to what you want to do as Mercury and Mars transit your fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo. Lucky breaks can manifest as well if Neptune’s artistic and spiritual sensibilities can be harnessed and brought into your plans, especially for those born in mid-January. Other people around you playing and visioning this month may seem entirely unrealistic but if you can suspend your judgment and even partake in such efforts, real soul-level progress is within reach. Friends and fellow travellers may materialise at the end of August.


The Full Moon on August 12 in your sign is a time for subtle healing. The collective emotional wavelength aligns well with your sense of self, and at the same time, you are more likely to see what makes you special. More than usual, you may be inspired about the future you want to help birth and who you want to co-create with. The last week of the month is when your productivity is likely to pick up. As Mercury and Mars move into fellow Air signs, others are more likely to be on the same page when it comes to goals, plans, and strategy.


Big financial decisions or social gatherings are more successful before the August 12 Full Moon, while Venus supports you from a fellow Water sign. Projects or efforts requiring extra dedication and commitment can be more successfully completed before the Sun heads to Virgo on August 23 and while the steadfast asteroid Vesta spends its last few days in your sign. This month’s journey of self-discovery and activation may strike a Pisces Sun as ineffective and even besides the point. If you can step off your philosophical pedestal momentarily to partake in the naivete, even you, Pisces, can reach a higher level of soul growth.


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