What do they look forward to the most for 2021?

As we enter Phase 3 on December 28, New Year's Eve would be the first festive celebration in months since we could gather with up to eight friends and family members. How would our Tatler friends fete such an occasion? We ask them about their plans for New Year's Eve, and their wishes as we step in 2021.

“New Year’s Eve in 2020 will be spent with family at home. We will have our favourite home-cooked dinner and savour the last few hours of the year together. 2020 has been tumultuous and I look forward to enjoying precious time in the quiet space of home, reflecting on the moments that have passed and welcoming 2021 afresh.

I wish that 2021 will mark the end of the pandemic so that our lives can return to normalcy. This will not be difficult to achieve if everyone plays a responsible part in protecting one another and preventing the spread of the virus. I also hope that our world reawakens to the fact that violence can never be a good solution and that only through the power of kindness and peace—within ourselves, with people and with nature itself, can our world heal and truly progress.”

Susan Peh, CEO of Adsan Law LLC

“I haven't quite figured out the location and activity, but I'll be spending time with loved ones and friends—I can add three more friends or family members now!

2020 has been lacklustre, but we are so blessed to be in Singapore where everything is under control, so we can leave 2020 with more gratitude and faith. With that in mind, I hope to bring along good vibes into 2021. And of course, I'm looking forward to the easing of travel restrictions. I need a holiday.”

Johannes See, chief marketing officer of New Funnels

“This New Year's Eve, my friends and I will be celebrating together at the Parliament House of Singapore, watching the light show and popping the champagne at midnight.

This is probably on everyone’s wish list for 2021, but I'm definitely hoping for a safe Covid-19 vaccine to be made available and that we will be able to travel safely.”

Nina Ng, socialite

“I picked up cooking during the lockdown, so for New Year's Eve, I'll be making steak and burgers for the family dinner.

I've gotten into fitness more religiously this year, so I wish to keep up this healthy lifestyle in 2021. I would also like to learn a new skill in investing and/or property developing, to get closer to my goal of creating a startup and growing my own company.”

Maverick Mok, business development professional

“I'll be celebrating New Year's Eve with my family! So grateful we can be together this year. 

Wishing everyone a very joyful start to the new year! While we celebrate our resilience and commitment to overcoming adversities together in 2020, I hope we also remember to be grateful. Many people have suffered during this time and it is our responsibility as a community to be there for one another.”

Rebecca Eu, founder of Mei's Own

“I will be celebrating New Year's Eve in 2020 just like any other New Year's Eve in the pastenveloped in love, friendship, and contentment. 2020 on hindsight has been rather murky for mostand it feels like mankind has been left-swiped by a little virus. But I believe in living my life as normal and as unchanged as before (safely of course), and thus this will be a New Year's Eve celebration just like any other year!

For 2021, I am confident that we will see better days. I am hoping to see everyone in the pink of physical and mental health by adopting healthier lifestyle habits and showing more care, compassion, and concern for the people around them. So here's wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous, and happy 2021!”

Adrian Ng, anesthesiologist

“This year’s New Year's Eve celebration will be a cosy and quiet one with my family, a change from previous years. I’ll probably be cooking up a nice warm meal for the kids, eating homebaked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of wine, and belting out some tunes with them as we ease into 2021.

This year has been unprecedented and unexpected. It’s a year to reevaluate and rethink the way we do business and how we conduct our daily lives. As we slowly open up our economies and return to normalcy, my wish is that everyone remains healthy, businesses flourish, and we can all travel again. We have faced the darkest before dawn, but we should all keep the faith and stride towards a brighter and more resilient future. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, abundant & blessed 2021!”

Serene Chua, private banker and co-founder of Wolf Burgers and Carvers & Co

“I'm thrilled that Phase 3 has been announced ahead of new year celebrations, so I am looking forward to the first family gathering in nine months!

My hopes for 2021—that we all go into the new year with renewed hope and optimism, taking with us the life lessons 2020 has taught us—the value of kindness and empathy, the importance of family and to seize the day as everything can change in a moment!”

Tan Min-Li, lawyer