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Joke's on us—the comedians we love are smarter than we are!

Are you smarter than a comedian? Studies show that people who have a sense of humour and can create humour on the spot are individuals who have high emotional intelligence and great cognitive abilities. It seems these claims are true for the most part if we consider the influence and works of famous comedians we know today.

Read on to see how clever your favourite comics really are:

1. Ken Jeong

Who better to cast as a doctor in Dr Ken than the real-life doctor, Ken Jeong? When Ken was a sophomore studying at Duke University, he took acting classes. He even started doing stand-up comedy during his internal medicine residency at Ochsner Medical Foundation in New Orleans. Being a comedian, actor and doctor might sound complicated, but Ken doesn't have a problem doing it all. In fact, it comes in handy as he can put his white coat back on when needed, whether he's on stage or onset.

2. Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien is a Harvard graduate with an IQ of 160—that's the same IQ as Stephen Hawking's. That explains the comedian's quick-witted quips and jokes apart from the delivery of his jokes. Conan concluded his talk show recently with heartfelt dedication and praise for the people who have helped make the show truly a hit. Then he said, "I think when smart and stupid come together—it’s very difficult—but if you can make it happen, I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world".

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3. Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who has mastered the portrayal of satire through his iconic characters, took up history at Christ College's Cambridge before entering the world of comedy. Sacha is fearless when it comes to making jokes about political issues and figures and social scandals. Although the comedian has found himself in the soup countless times, there's no stopping Sacha from calling out those who need to be put on the spot. Very nice, indeed.

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4. Ellie Kemper

Forget what you know about Ellie Kemper as she's much more clever than she appears in The Office or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. After graduating from Princeton University, where she also joined an improv group, Ellie pursued graduate studies in English at Oxford University. She also spent some time studying improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the People’s Improv Theater.

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5. Ali Wong

Before Ali Wong became the loveable and hilarious stand-up comedian she is now, she was an Asian-American major at the University of California, Los Angeles. After graduating summa cum laude, Ali continued her academic journey in Vietnam where she studied as a Fulbright scholar. When she returned home, Ali finally decided to give stand-up a shot, where she continues to shine.

6. Vir Das

Vir Das is a graduate of Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Vir has studied both economics and theatre which helped him first try out stand-up comedy. Vir's comedy specials often delve into politics, race, sexism and more issues that the comedian tries to raise as much as he can without losing the audience's interest.

7. John Mulaney

John Mulaney is a Georgetown University alum. It was where he joined an improv group and met his long-time friend Nick Kroll. Sleek and unproblematic describes John and his jokes. This stand-up comedian knows how to deliver wry humour and still appear the kindest in the room. He has even written some of the best jokes by combining his impressive skills in the realm of comedy, literature and politics.

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