Play digitally in the comfort of your own home

Lockdown days have had us all running out of things to do indoors: from watching movies, online quizzes, board games, baking, and virtual art exhibitions. So why not jump into the virtual world of escape rooms and try to fight boredom by solving puzzles and keeping yourself—along with your friends and family—entertained during these uncertain times?

Below are five virtual escape rooms to occupy yourself with for the time being until the lockdown is lifted and you can visit an actual escape room. 

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Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Advantageous to anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter book series. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room can be played individually or in groups. Whatever your Hogwarts house maybe, this digital escape room is perfect for anyone and suitable for all ages.

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The Grimm Escape

Playable via Zoom, this virtual game is available for all group sizes and can be played by anyone from anywhere in the world. The mission? To break the witch's spell while on the journey inside the Grimm forest. A guided experience, players are also provided with hints who need assistance during the game.

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Escape: The Midnight Express

All you need is a pen, some paper, and a timer to get through this game. Discover clues and solve puzzles along the way. Set on board a train route from Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland on 2 February 1861, the mission is to gather evidence and get off the train without getting discovered.

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Alone Together

Communication is key. Alone together is a two-player game that requires constant communication with your teammate. Decipher clues and solve the puzzle together to escape.

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The Dentist

Set in a dentist's office, players wake up completely alone in a room with no windows after dental surgery, with no recollection of anything. Decipher the codes to escape and figure out what went wrong before the clock runs out.

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