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In celebration of Prince George's sixth birthday, we take a look at his most adorable moments

It seemed like just yesterday that little baby George melted our hearts on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital (and bestowed upon us countless memes since—cue @garyjanetti). Over the years, we've watched Prince William and Kate Middleton's first child grow from a grumpy baby to a sassy toddler. As the future king celebrates his sixth birthday on 22 July, we look back at the best moments of the little royal that has made us swoon, laugh and sometimes, both.

1. When he had his very first photo call

2. When he had his christening at three months old

3. When he always looked grumpy at royal appointments

4. When he met his little sister for the first time

5. When he peeked into Princess Charlotte's pram after her christening

6. When he turned two in an adorable photo with Prince William

7. When he needed a little boost in a royal portrait

8. When he stayed up to meet Barack Obama in his pyjamas

9. When he was overwhelmed by the Royal Air Force helicopter

10. When he posed with the family dog Lupo for his third birthday

11. When he was fascinated by bubbles at a party

12. When he was inseparable from Prince William on a royal visit to Canada

13. When he got really excited about helicopters on a visit to Germany

14. When he turned four with a new official portrait

15. When he didn't look too pleased on his first day of school (we can relate)

16. When his cousin Savannah Phillips had to shut him up at Trooping the Colour

17. When he goofed off at Princess Eugenie's wedding

18. When he couldn't stay still for a family portrait

19. When he celebrated his fifth birthday

20. When he did a face-palm at Trooping the Colour this year

21. When Kate captured him rolling in laughter for his sixth birthday

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