Cover A cake that looks like a cake; the opposite of what this story is about to discuss

From Croc shoes to a roll of tissue paper, anything could be cake in 2020. We dive into the viral phenomenon that's taking over the internet and break it down for you

When Covid-19 started becoming more than just a rumour about Wuhan, China, many of us were probably thinking "is this virus really going to change our reality?" Then all of a sudden, masks and hand sanitisers were valuable commodities; events and popular public venues became scary places, and we all started staying home to work.

At this point, anything could happen. If Joe Exotic was a mood during the lockdown then why can't cake which looks like everything except cake be, too?

The cake meme. It started as one of those popular Buzzfeed Tasty videos showing you novel things you can make in your kitchen (but probably won't). Except this time, the reality is warped enough to make you question everything you know about the world, a la 2020. Alas, that convincing Croc shoe, the roll of tissue paper or medium-rare steak turns out to be not what it seems but a cake and we can trust our instincts nevermore. 

The reigning champ of the cake meme is a Turkish baking account by the name of Red Rose Cake and Tuba Geckil, the true source of Buzzfeed's viral cake meme video. Still posting every day, Red Rose Cake and Tuba Geckil has proven that it can make anything a cake—anything.

A new form of escapism for the horrible year we're having, some are taking the cake and running with it, pretending to be cake themselves or helpfully clarifying to the universe that they aren't cake. 

As with most social media trends, the cake meme is bound to have an expiration date, probably sooner rather than later. What will be the next big Internet trend? Who knows, but when it hits, we'll be sure to discuss it here. 

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