Cover Season two of Netflix's Bling Empire has been confirmed! Here's what our editors are dying to see. (Photo: Netflix)

With season two of Bling Empire officially in the works, our Tatler Asia team breaks down exactly what we hope to see in the upcoming episodes

It was only this week that Netflix announced season two of Bling Empire, and rumours are already rife with what we can expect to see.

With all the drama that season one involved, we're expecting nothing less from the second instalment––so we chatted with our editors across Asia to find out exactly what we're all dying to see more of––from new relationships, to shopping galore, and (of course!), all the details on Cherie and Jessey's wedding.

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I've read that Christine was saying she wants to film some of season two in Asia, and Kelly has mentioned the same thing, too––plus Kane has roots in Singapore, so perhaps the new season will feature a trip there to see family?

Everyone is of course also dying to see Cherie's wedding and all her prep! Fans are also desperate for Kevin and Kim to get together. Will that happen, or won't it?

Aside from that, we just want more shopping scenes with Anna, please.

––Joe Zee, Global Artist Director, Tatler Asia

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The last time we saw the cast of Bling Empire, it was pre-pandemic 2019, and some of the biggest dramatic plot points threaded throughout season one revolved around a Louis Vuitton necklace and a penis pump. All that name-dropping, wealth-flaunting, and petty infighting made for a compelling series debut—perfect, escapist reality television for when we were all isolating at home for months on end. But fast forward two years and everything is different now: in between filming seasons one and two, the entire world ground to a halt, we lost millions of loved ones to a terrifying virus, a surge in anti-Asian violence has rippled across the United States, and Los Angeles, where the series is filmed, is still in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It's hard to imagine that this transformative year has not somehow touched the lives of the Bling Empire cast. I'm excited to see how their on-screen priorities and journeys have changed over the past year: in the last few weeks we've seen Kane and Kevin actively involved in #StopAsianHate fundraising and advocacy campaigns; Cherie's marriage proposal to Jessey at the end of season one left us on a wedding-planning cliffhanger; and Anna Shay is… well, I have no idea where she is, but I'm sure she's probably carrying on being her fabulous self somewhere fabulous. 

So yes, tl;dr I'm super-excited for season two and would love to see more screen time, character development, and plot lines built around Anna Shay, Kane, and Cherie—my three favourites on the show. Oh, and more of Jaime Xie's facial expressions, too! Her silent looks of disdain made for some of funniest moments in season one.

––Danica Lo, International Editor at Large, Tatler Asia

What surprised many about Bling Empire is that the show went beyond superficiality and honed in on topics like love, loss and the search for one’s identity which resonated with so many people, and for me, I teared up during several raw scenes (no shame about that!). I hope these themes continue to be explored in season two.

Plus, I can’t wait to see if Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee actually have something going on, how Baby G has grown, and of course, I’d love to see Kane Lim get some of his Singaporean family and friends involved on the show.

––Daphne Chen-Cordeiro, Digital Content Director, Tatler Singapore

Kelly and Andrew’s on-again, off-again relationship was fun to watch on screen, but I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to be in a relationship like that. In season two, I hope we’ll get to see Kelly venture out and meet new people (and maybe give Kevin a second chance?)

Aside from that, I'm dying to see some wedding planning footage from Cherie—I’m expecting something as over the top as the famous Crazy Rich Asians wedding scene: a full botanical garden in the church, water-filled aisle, and lots of glamour.

––Doris Lam, Digital Writer, Tatler Hong Kong

For Kevin and Kim shippers, I'm sure we're all waiting for an official announcement if something is really going on between the two. Will the spark between them finally fly? I'm excited to find out!

Small detail but I'd also love to see if Cherie grace us with her beautiful singing in the upcoming season especially after hearing it on our Instagram Live with her.

––Jianne Soriano, Digital Writer, Tatler Hong Kong

Anna: Will she find a new beau? Maybe she’ll find love again but she might end up picking one who’s bit too wild and dangerous and her friends will not hesitate to tell her—causing a Kelly/Andrew-style conflict within the group. Anna will probably shop away her feelings, which will be a delight to watch.

Kane: Instead of being the peace-bringer, Kane might be embroiled in a drama of his own. How will he fare? Barring any Covid-19 restrictions, maybe he’ll finally take us to Singapore to meet his family where drama awaits–things are not as peachy as the impression he previously gave off. No wonder he hardly ever talked about his family in season one!

Jaime: Represented by Elite model management with a massive following, Jaime has a strong base in the fashion world but she’s probably going to face more pressure from her father to join the family business. She will have to choose between her passion and her duty.

Jessie and Cherie: Will we finally see the wedding that’s been in the works for so long? How will wedding planning affect their relationship? Cherie seems sweet but wedding planning brings out the worst! They will probably have an argument over the upbringing of their children, as well.

Kelly: Hopefully, we see more of her entrepreneurial side and we can come with her on her journey to recovery from that traumatic experience with Andrew. Will she go on Tinder?

Kevin: We’ll probably see him booking more modelling gigs. We want to see his relationship with Kim bloom! And if travel bans lift, maybe he’ll travel to Korea to find his birth parents and connect to his roots. That’s going to be a real emotional ride.

––Tatler Malaysia, Digital Team

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