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From a self-care planner that tracks everything from sleep and exercise to water intake, to a happiness journal that will help you find the positives in life, plan your year out with the help of these planners

It’s the end of 2020, which means the time for goal setting and self-reflection is right around the corner. If the events of this year derailed your plans and 2020 goals, you’re not alone. To help make sure you’re able to reach your full potential, maximise productivity and manage your time in an effective way, we’ve found the best inspirational and productivity planners on the market. 

Whether you’re looking to solidify your self-care habits, practice gratitude more regularly, achieve life-long dreams or excel at your career, these planners will help you become the best version of yourself this 2021.

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The Five Minute Journal

Don’t have much time to spare? The Five Minute Journal will only take up—you guessed it—five minutes of your time each day. Inside you’ll find writing prompts and quotes designed to help you find gratitude and positivity in each day. 

Each page comes with an uplifting quote, followed by morning writing prompts where you’d be encouraged to write down three things you’re grateful for, three things can make the day great, and a daily affirmation. As bedtime approaches, be sure to reach for the journal once again to complete the rest of the page and list down three amazing things that have happened, as well as a quick self-reflection on how you could have made the day even better. 

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2021 Artist of Life Workbook

The 2021 Artist of Life Workbook is a guided journal that helps you discover more about yourself as you plan your goals, reflect on your self-love beliefs and help you bring your dreams into reality by keeping you accountable each week. 

The workbook begins with a 2020 reflection, where you’d be able to reflect on your highlights and lessons learnt during this challenging year, followed by 2021 goals envisioning page. 

If you’ve been wanting to become the kind of person who drinks green smoothies at 5am before hitting the gym, or if you just want to eliminate bad habits in general, the habit design or mindset refresh page may be able to help you commit to your ideal habits and turn you into the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to become. 

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Passion Planner

Proudly calling themselves as the planner that does it all, the Passion Planner helps to remind yourself to organise your personal and work-related tasks, meetings and goals. 

Available in a weekly or daily journal format, the Passion Planner also has an academic calendar format if you’re looking to gift this journal to friends or family who are in school.

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The Happiness Planner

It’s safe to say 2020 has been a difficult year for the world. To spark more happiness into your life, The Happiness Planner may help. 

Mo Seetubtim, the founder of The Happiness Planner was in a state of emotional turmoil when she started looking for opportunities to train and strengthen the mind. After finding her passion for self-development and self-discovery, she gave birth to The Happiness Planner to help people shift away from a negative mindset and focus on the positives. 

You’ll find writing exercises that will help you reflect on who you are currently and how you can turn into your ideal self, as well as goal-setting pages. Other details include daily quotes, morning intention setting, sleep, happiness, health and productivity habit trackers, as well as end-of-year reflections. 

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Law of Attraction Planner

Trying to manifest your dream career or find your true purpose in life? Freedom Mastery’s Law of Attraction planner helps you become your most productive self with their weekly or monthly feel-good list, gratitude journal, vision board and goal setting guide.

If you’re a fan of stickers, the planner also comes with 295 productivity stickers to help cheer you through your week. 

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Bullet Journal

The bullet journal has been all the rage in the last few years thanks to its highly customisable approach when compared to traditional diaries and journaling. 

The best part of keeping a bullet journal? There are no rules. You can decide your own calendar format and go as detailed or as simple as you would like and add on any features. If you need a little guidance creating your own bullet journal, the namesake brand’s notebook comes with 249 numbered dot-grid pages, a built-in guide to help you get started, as well as a future log to help you plan the future you’re working towards. 

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Self Journal

Calling all high achievers—This Self Journal will help you prevent procrastination, manage your time better and develop a more disciplined attitude to help you progress towards your goals. 

The journal includes a weekly planning page where you’d be invited to jot down your top three weekly objectives, any events and deadlines coming up, as well as space for you to reflect on your key relationships, weekly reflection and a scoreboard for you to evaluate how your week went. However, if you’re looking for a year-long journal, you might have to buy several of these notebooks as each one features a 13-week planner system to help you you focus and accomplish one project at a time. 

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The Self Care Planner

Struggling to maintain a self-care practice? Simple Self’s Self-Care Planner is for the health and wellness enthusiast who is trying to balance self-care and a busy schedule.

The planner includes a monthly, weekly and daily calendar view, a vision board to set goals, a to-do list space, as well as trackers for mood, sleep, daily water intake, exercise and meals. 2021 will surely be your fittest year yet. 

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