The startling revelation had brought upon a global guessing game, as many were left wondering who from the British Royal Family had made those remarks

Prince Harry has a message for Oprah Winfrey to pass on to the rest of the world: It wasn’t his grandparents who commented on Archie’s skin colour.

On Monday night (SGT), Winfrey shared more details on the issue in new clips broadcasted by CBS.

When asked by US talkshow host Gayle King if she spoke further about it with Prince Harry, Winfrey added: “He wanted to make sure that I knew and that if I had the opportunity to share that it was not his grandmother nor grandfather that were a part of those conversations.”

“He did not tell me who were a part of those conversations as you can see I tried to get that answer on camera and off.”

This comes a day after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview with Winfrey, where several shocking revelations were made by the couple about their lives as working members of the British royal family.

Among the most startling revelations made was when Markle shared that when she was pregnant with her firstborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, there were “conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born”. It was stunning enough to leave the veteran host speechless for a couple of moments.

Later on, Prince Harry told Winfrey that he would “never” share details about the conversation and that he wouldn’t identify the people who made those comments.

He did add that he was “a bit shocked” by the remarks, which happened early on during Markle’s pregnancy.

During her appearance on CBS This Morning, Winfrey also shared that the couple decided to do the tell-all interview with her because they felt they had been “lied about for a series of years”.

The highly-anticipated two-hour-long interview had gripped headlines all over the world, and brought upon a massive wave of reactions online, from regular social media users to celebrities alike. 

Many had come to the support of Markle, especially those in the US. At the same time, Winfrey was also widely praised for her masterful skills at conducting the interview and showing how the billionaire host was still capable of drawing in an audience for television in this era of streaming services. The TV special reportedly drew 17.1 million viewers on CBS, and a rating of 2.6 among adults ages 18 to 49, which The Washington Post noted was "a strong number suggesting that young people who normally don’t watch broadcast television tuned in to see a pair of the world’s most well-known millennials".

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