Cover BTS member Jung Kook's name garnered the most number of Google searches in Malaysia in the last 6 months, according to this study by iPrice Group.

Recent findings by the iPrice Group in Malaysia also reveal which BTS members rank the most popular among Malaysians according to search volume data from Google

From McDonald's to Louis Vuitton, the sky's the limit for K-Pop boyband BTS when it comes to creative brand collaborations in recent months.

This week, Southeast Asian online shopping companion iPrice Group revealed insights from search volume data pulled from Google Keyword Planner. The results ranked various brands' collaborations with BTS this year by the number of Google searches in Malaysia. As the top-selling pop group in the world, it's no surprise to find that BTS has helped McDonald's see a 46 per cent increase in brand interest in 2021 compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton's brand interest surged by 56 per cent this April and Coca Cola by a whopping 152 per cent in January of 2021.

Another win was for Samsung, which saw a 49 per cent increase in search in 2020 when Samsung Malaysia released a signature purple, heart symbol-bearing BTS edition of the Galaxy S20+.                   

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In its findings, iPrice Group also revealed which BTS members gained the most searches among Malaysian fans, alongside other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and more. In Malaysia, BTS' Jung Kook takes the No.1 spot, followed by co-lead vocalist V and main dancer Jimin. The search data was pulled from a period of December 2020 to May 2021, using each BTS member's stage name as keywords.      

"As fans, Malaysians will have their own biases towards a certain BTS member," stated iPrice Group in an article published on the search volume results. "Hence, if brands can’t afford the whole package, maybe getting one BTS member may still do the trick." 

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