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Whether you’re looking to stay fit, or just have some fun while spending more time at home, these video games will keep you entertained while breaking a sweat

With social distancing still enforced and running while wearing a face mask not the most appealing option, we're looking for new ways to stay fit and entertain ourselves at home. Adding to your at home gym and trying an online workout is one thing, but have you ever considered entering the world of video games designed with fitness in mind?

While some of these games promise a more intense workout and tracked progress––even showing approximate calories burned per session––others offer a little more in the way of entertainment, but still guarantee to get you up and moving. From the ever-popular Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch, to VR games, dance parties and more, try one of the fitness video games for a unique home workout.

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Ring Fit Adventure

Released at the end of 2019, Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure gained much attention earlier this year during the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown. With gyms closed and many people staying at home, the game exploded in popularity –– with the initial limited release leading to the much-hyped game being sold out in many locations.

The game itself merges classic Nintendo animation, cute characters and a simple storyline with the world of online exercise as users "explore a fantastical adventure world to defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions using real-life exercises". With the addition of two new accessories: the Ring-Con™ and Leg Strap, the game measure your real-life actions and turns them into in-game movements. With over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds to complete, the game is sure to keep you busy as you jog, sprint, squat and high knee through the challenges.

Console: Nintendo Switch

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Just Dance 2020

If you're off the Dance Dance Revolution generation, you'll love Just Dance 2020. Labelling itself as "the ultimate dance game", the game features over 500 popular music tracks to dance to.

The rhythm game challenges gamers to mimic the moves of the on-screen dancers, with a supported camera connected to your console sensing your moves to give an overall sure for your performance. Available on a range of devices, the Just Dance App can be connected to your iPhone, or for Nintendo Switch player, the Joy-Con controllers can also be used as motion-sensing controllers.

Console: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Wii

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Fitness Boxing

Nintendo's Fitness Boxing offers a fun, at-home alternative. Guaranteed to get you moving, the boxing-based rhythmic exercises are set to the instrumental beats of popular songs, with no additional equipment needed as the Joy-Con controllers capture your movements.

Just like a traditional workout, the game features full warm-up and cool-down stretches and exercises to get you set before your chosen routine begins. You can even personalise your workouts by selecting from different fitness goals, with the game software estimating your approximate BMI calories burned so you can track your progress. Training games range from 10 to 40 minutes, so can easily be fit into busy schedules. 

Console: Nintendo Switch

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Zumba: Burn It Up!

Another one to try if you love group exercise classes, Zumba: Burn It Up! promises to make you sweat. Filled with high-energy and hip-shaking routines set to popular music, the game features real life instructors to keep you motivated and on track.

Players can choose from 30 classes to suit your fitness levels, set personal goals and share your achievements with friends, with the Joy-Con controllers to tracking your every movement.

Console: Nintendo Switch

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Awarded best VR cardio Fitness game of 2018, this boxing-inspired game uses vibrant graphics and uplifting music to have you feeling like you're back in your boxing class.

Designed in partnership with a team of professional fitness instructors, the game challenges users to jab, weave, dodge, squat, and uppercut to over 40 new music tracks spanning across a wealth of genres, including '80s electro, rock, and metal. featuring short three-minute warm-ups to 60-minute endurance workouts, BOXVR promises an intense cardio workout. All workouts on the game are recorded so you can see how many calories you've burned, and you can set your own goals to see your progress day by day to stay motivated.

The game can be played on a standard PS4, but users will need a PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation VR Move controllers for the game to captured your movements,

Console: Playstation VR

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Sports Party

We may not be getting out to enjoy a summer workout outside, but Nintendo's Sports Party will bring the sun, sea, sports––and sweat––to you.

Games include frisbee, jet ski, basketball, golf, skateboarding and beach tennis, which are all easily playable using the Switch Joy-Con controllers. Although better suited to a younger audience, the game still helps those looking to get up and moving, with your fully-customisable avatar able to play against your friends both online and off.

Console: Nintendo Switch

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Beat Saber

A second VR game to try, Beat Saber, although not released at the end of 2018, is still one of the most popular VR games on the Playstation platform.

If you're a lover of Star Wars, or always wanted to see what it's like to be in a sword fight a la Kill Bill, Beat Saber is most likely the closest you're going to get. Set to the beat of music, the aim of the game is to cut the falling cubes that come at you with your lightsaber––the PlayStation VR Move controllers. Upping the ante when it comes to competition, you can battle it out against other Beat Saberists around the world in several level difficulties, sure to get you moving.

Console: Playstation VR

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