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Court clearance has freed the American rapper to release her collaboration with BTS, a Butter remix

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion have joined forces in a well-anticipated remix of the K-pop group’s wildly popular single Butter, which sat in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks. The release of this collaboration, however, has been far from a smooth ride. Megan Thee Stallion, whose real name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, filed a lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment, claiming that the record label was withholding her from releasing the track.

Pete states that she was approached during late June to feature on the hit single, and wrote that she “had a strong desire to participate in the remix with BTS.” Her enthusiasm was curbed by 1501 Certified Entertainment, which deigned that the partnership with the South Korean idols would not be “good for her career.” 

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The label further stated that Pete would only be allowed to participate after it received a “waiver” of US$100,000, which she would not be entitled to. Pete’s attorneys maintain the ground that her collaboration with BTS is “vital” to seal her success as an artist fresh to the scene, and that in stopping the release of the song, it would hinder the expansion of her international fanbase, and inflict “irreversible harm” on her blossoming career. Pete herself adamantly declared: “The effort to try to restrain me from engaging in my artistic expression, and to prevent me from working with the hit band BTS cannot be quantified in terms of damages.”

Fortunately for the rapper, the US court granted her a temporary restraining order, which prohibits the label from obstructing the drop of the Butter remix.

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This incident is but one of the multiple times whereby Pete has clashed heads with her record label. Just last year, the Grammy-winning artist took to the court in a similar case, accusing the label of derailing the release of her EP Suga. A temporary restraining order was also granted and according to Pete’s lawyers, was “subsequently extended and remains enforceable.”

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On August 25, the rapper forked out a US$10,000 bond to Harris County Civil Courthouse for the temporary injunction. An addition US$100,000 will be held by the court until a hearing next month where her case will be reassessed. Unsurprisingly, Pete’s legion of dedicated supporters was enraged at the news of the lawsuit. The disgruntlement has even driven some to raise funds for Black Women for Wellness and Women for Afghan Women, in honour of the artist. 

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