Cover Line Friends are coming to Netflix soon (photo: Netflix)

The Netflix original series, “Brown & Friends” will be available in 190 countries around the world

Netflix is partnering with beloved messaging app Line on an original animated series featuring the world’s fastest-growing global character brands, which started off as emoji-like stickers on the app.

The new series, which will feature five characters from the original lineup of Line Friends, is slated to premiere in over 190 countries around the world. By launching an original animated series with Netflix, Line Friends aims to offer a distinctive brand experience and expanding its reach worldwide.

The 3D animation will be dialogue-free and consist of slapstick-style stories about different aspects of everyday city life. The goal is that various age groups will be able to relate to the lives of Brown, Cony, Sally, Moon and James, while adding depth and vitality to the Brown & Friends universe as a whole.

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“Based on unparalleled creative capabilities, Line Friends has produced diversified content with its popular IPs, including videos, animations and games that millennials and Gen Z love,” said KD Kim, Vice President at Line Friends. He added, “With an original animated series on Netflix, Line Friends will enhance its competitiveness in global content, and strengthen its presence in the entertainment industry, as well as its position as both a global creative studio and a producer of high-quality content.”

Aram Yacoubian, Director of Original Animation at Netflix said, “The band of adorable Brown & Friends characters has been a part of many fans’ daily lives since they created as stickers on Line mobile messengers, and now we’re excited to develop the expanded world for screens of all kinds to delight new audiences everywhere on Netflix.”

Line itself debuted in Japan in 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami in March of the same year. The natural disasters led to disruption of phone networks, but left people able to send and receive Line messages. Since then, the app, which is comparable to WeChat, has more than 700 million users around the world.