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From extravagant entrances to festive performances and one-of-a-kind gifts, visitors to the Savoir-Faire Christmas Village Pop-up will be spoiled for choice

With Christmas celebrations taking place across the city, it can be hard to narrow down your choice of markets, festivities and shopping experiences. Supported by HSBC, and its desire to bring unparalleled and exciting experiences to life, the K11 Musea Christmas Village Pop-up offers the best of both worlds in its contemporary and artistic spin on the classic winter carnival, so people don’t have to choose. The Christmas pop-up is an extravagant, festive celebration. These are the top five reasons to visit:

Walk through the golden archway

In celebration of the festival of light that takes place across much of southern Europe each winter, the Savoir-Faire Christmas Village Pop-up entrance features an elaborate archway, harking back to Renaissance-era festivities. A testament to the craftsmanship of the era, the archway’s design echoes K11 Musea’s own architecture, and involved the work of 20 craftsmen—a labour of love tallying more than 1,500 hours. Other show-stopping design elements of the pop-up include the grand operatic theatre, while the Savoir Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion exhibition celebrates wearable art.

Wine and dine your way through the village

With over 20 hand-picked food, drink and crafts vendors taking up residence in the pop-up village, creating an immersive experience as you taste and sip your way through the city’s best artisanal offerings, including those from Met Tea, Maison Argaud, Stradf Mall, Para Ti, Great Gourmet and Fernet Hunter.

Enjoy live performances

With a packed calendar of live performances, the festivities continue throughout the month of December at the Savoir-Faire Christmas Village. From ballet to classical music to a roster of special Christmas and Boxing Day performances of Carnaval Mascarade––a contemporary revival of the famous French opera-ballet, produced by Vox Vanguard, the London-founded classical art design and production company that recently performed at the K11 Night––there’s something guaranteed to please each and every family member.

Pick up one-of-a-kind Christmas presents

Celebrate the season of gifting by picking up a one-of-a-kind present for someone special. The village hosts a wide range of vendors, from jeweller Vanessa Bell to artisanal candles Lazy Soul and Atelia and the carefully curated offerings from the MoMA Design Store, celebrating creativity and craftsmanship in its finest forms.

Redeem exclusive gifts from K11

If you’re looking to extend the Christmas festivities and shopping sprees beyond the holiday, K11 Musea is offering gift cards for use at more than 200 branded shops across its shopping complex. Gift cards are available at the K11 Koncierge and K11 E-shop. With any gift card purchases that include an additional HK$200 spend, shoppers can redeem an exclusive, handmade golden Christmas wreath (available until December 26, while stocks last), evocative of the craftsmanship and style on display at the Savoir-Faire Christmas Village Pop-up.

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