Cover Josie Ho styled by Oscar Chik (Photo: Courtesy of 852 Films)

Award-winning actress and producer, Josie Ho, will star in the film in association with Hong Kong production company, 852 Films

Josie Ho's next project is here. The eight-time award-winning actress, producer and singer will start in the mystery thriller film, Mother Tongue, with two-time Academy Award nominee, Mike Figgis taking the director's seat.

The film will be created in association with the Hong Kong production company, 852 Films and produced together with founder Conroy Chan. Chan has worked on several notable features including Dream Home and The Heavenly Kings as well as Cannes Film Festival nominee, How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Both Figgis and Ho held a start-of production ceremony on Wednesday at Hong Kong's Shaw Studios with production slated to run until April. Filming will take place in Hong Kong and tentatively scheduled for a January 2022 release date.

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Ho, Tatler's June 2020 cover star, will be playing two characters in the twisted thriller that will explore themes of family, loss and belonging, reminiscent of a Greek tragedy, through her characters, Wao and Mustang.

Wao in search of her daughter after a heart-breaking past while at the same time in a relationship with a younger woman named, Starling who is in the dark about the search. The other character, Mustang, is the older sister of Wao, who has her own personal demons to conquer.

Taking on two characters, Ho is expected to deliver a tour-de-force performance, showing her ability to distinctively play the two complex characters. The script will be penned by Bruce Wagner and stars Julian Sands, Elaine Jin and Canon Nawata.

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Other than Mother Tongue, Ho has plenty in the pipeline this year such as Habit, the directorial debut of Janell Shirtcliff and Rajah, a period epic where Ho plays the lover of explorer, Sir James Brooke. As a producer, Ho and 852 Films, which she co-founded with Chan, are working on a musical documentary feature, The Hong Kong Sound helmed by American History X director Tony Kaye, and two upcoming projects with Luc Besson, director of Leon The Professional and Lucy.

Ho is the daughter of late Macau gambling tycoon, Stanley Ho, who describes herself as a rebel, venturing out of the family's business and paved her own path in the entertainment industry.

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