Cover Panthepack (Photo: Courtesy of Team Wang)

The global megastar is changing the international music game with the official launch of his newest project on the Team Wang label

Step aside for the new torchbearers of Chinese hip hop—it’s about to get lit.

Branded as Panthepack, this star-studded hip hop pack wants to break the rules and cross musical genres in their bold mission to bring a Chinese-influenced sound to the international music scene and to showcase a different side to China’s modern music culture.

The group’s members have been announced today, led by their alpha—Hong Kong rapper and singer Jackson Wang—they are made up of Chinese music stars Karencici, J.Sheon, and Ice who will bring the heat this August 27 with a new single.

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Earlier this April, the group released their first single DNA without any introduction of who they were or what they’re about, and they soon became a household name in China. The rollout featured Wang’s live performance of the song in the season two finale of the Chinese variety show Sisters Who Make Waves, and he performed the second single Transmit with ICE at the 2021 Baidu Gala.

According to their mission statement, “Panthepack are not confined to the boundaries of traditional pop music. Through music, they are bringing a strong attitude that's ‘young’, ‘chill’, and ‘whatever’ to a contemporary crowd. Panthepack is committed to setting the new standard of high-quality artistry, while also highlighting China’s modern music culture.”

In the true spirit of hip hop and rap, Panthepack seeks to subvert and challenge the mainstream by spreading emphatic poetic waves about individuality and fearlessness all over the world through their innovative music style and references to Chinese culture and language, making their group not only a relatable one for Chinese people but for the international community as well.

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