Check out which Emmy host seamlessly put on a show to remember

Hosting an awards show requires skill and charm to keep viewers engaged and comfortable. A large audience like the Emmy Awards can be a bit challenging, but there have been hosts who seem to do so effortlessly and brilliantly.

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Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien's absurd and quick-witted humour might have earned a few laughs when he hosted the Emmys twice. But there are many more reasons why O'Brien has become a favourite host on the show. Both his show openers were memorable as he did some of the most iconic skits on television; in 2002, he fell in love with Jennifer Aniston after a very uncomfortable exchange of looks—right before Jennifer's then-boyfriend Brad Pitt gave him a death stare; and in 2006, Conan showed a video of himself headed to the Emmys before making a taxing and thrilling cameo in hit shows like Lost, The Office, House MD and To Catch A Predator to name a few.

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Ellen DeGeneres

After two cancellations and the dreadful 9/11 event that shook USA to its core, the Emmy Awards returned on air with Ellen DeGeneres as host. As a way to help people heal, DeGeneres flawlessly made the viewers at home laugh and feel comfortable doing so. Some of her most hilarious moments on- and off-stage includes the one where she took viewers on a tour around the show venue, when she wore a swan dress inspired by Marjan Pejoski's design, and when she roamed around the audience to interact with them—which would then become DeGeneres' favourite thing to do on her own talk show. As she concluded the show, DeGeneres received a standing ovation.

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Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon brilliantly hosted the 62nd Emmy Awards in 2010 by fusing both his comedy and musical skills on stage. Fallon featured the Glee cast, Tina Fey, Betty White and more in the opening before entering the stage to have a full rock show. That evening, Fallon's musicality shined. The flow of the show was light and did not at all seem unnatural.

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Neil Patrick Harris

The charming Neil Patrick Harris has graced the Emmy Awards as host twice and delighted viewers both times. Harris sang and danced his way on stage during the opening of the 61st Emmy Awards before introducing the viewers to the band on stage. In 2013, he surprised the audience when he had previous Emmy hosts join the stage and share advice on presenting a remarkable show.

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Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is a five-time Emmy host that never fails to put on a show—even during the pandemic. Sure, Jimmy joked that the Emmy Awards is frivolous, yet he agreed that fun is what people needed most. And he definitely delivered! Although there are many notable moments on the shows he had hosted, one of the best parts has to be Kimmel's brazen monologues. Truth be told, the host is a natural at what he does. Even during a skit that involved his long-running feud with Matt Damon.

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