Cover Looking to watch "You Are My Spring" on Netflix? Here's 5 reasons why you should (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

"You Are My Spring" is an interesting mix of romance, mystery and healing. Read on to find out why you should be watching this Korean drama

Netflix is treating us with a new K-drama this July with You Are My Spring. Don't sleep on this romance mystery and healing drama starring Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Dong-wook, Yoon Bak and Nam Gyu-ri.

Keep your eyes peeled on the characters who still live with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts. We will see the story of hotel concierge Kang Da-jeon (Seo) and psychiatrist Ju Young-do (Kim) who form a heartfelt bond when they become entangled in a local murder case.

Still on the fence about whether you should see it? We list down the reasons why you don't want to miss out on You Are My Spring

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1. The hit director-writer duo

You Are My Spring is penned by scriptwriter Lee Mi-Na and helmed by director Jung Jee-hyun, so rest assured that it's a quality drama. The two have a stellar portfolio under their belt—Lee is known for writing Bubblegum (2015) as well as being a lyricist, writing the lyrics for Goblin's (2016) OST track I Will Go To You Like The First Snow and Secret Garden's (2010) song, You Are My Spring.

Meanwhile, director Jung also has an impressive track record, working on popular dramas such as The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) with Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun and Search WWW (2019) with Jang Ki-yong.

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2. The solid and talented cast

Director Jung has nothing but praise for the cast saying, "They're great actors so I didn't hesitate in casting them."

That is not an understatement that rom-com queen, Seo Hyun-jin is billing the K-drama. She previously worked on other famous romantic comedies such as Beauty Inside (2018), Another Miss Oh (2016) and more. Scriptwriter Lee Mi-na shared, "I just really wanted to work with her, with all my heart."

Lead actor Kim Dong-wook is also talented in his own right, whose recent works include Find Me In Your Memory (2020) and The Guest (2018) while Yoon Bak is steadily gaining recognition with dramas such as Legal High (2012) and Radio Romance (2018). Nam Gyu-ri is known for taking on diverse characters such as in Kairos (2020) and Children of Nobody (2018).

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3. The interesting characters

Each of the characters in You Are My Spring experienced trauma but they're different in their own ways. Seo Hyun-jin explained, "Kang Da-jeong has the nickname 'Trash Seat'. The reason is that people like trash always come her way."

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-wook described his character as "a psychiatrist and very selfless. He's someone who always tries to save people. He puts others before himself." Yoon Bak shared that his "straightforward" character, Chae Jun "has a huge rush on Da-jeong", while Nam Gyu-ri said, "My character is a top actress who gets betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She's very lonely and innocent. She's eccentric and warm but she's afraid to love someone."

It will be exciting to see these characters interact and how they develop, grow and fall in love as the series progresses.

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4. An introspective healing drama

With the pandemic affecting us physically and mentally and this being such a challenging time, a good healing drama is something we all need. Sharing the inspiration for the drama, Lee Mi-na said, "Spring is associated with warmth and healing. Spring is something that comes and feels like hope." It also marks a new beginning.

She added, "One day, I was watching TV and someone in their 60s was eating in a hurry. When they were asked why they were eating in a hurry, that person said, 'Do you know the sadness of being the fifth child out of six?'"

That sparked Lee's curiosity that led her to explore people's memories when they were seven. She further explained, "People have memories from their childhood that have lasting effects." The introspective look at childhood trauma and experiences will show a healing story.

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5. The sprinkle of romance and mystery

Healing? Check. Romance? Check. Mystery? Check.

You Are My Spring is a romance story but it's also filled with mystery as the characters find themselves entangled in a perplexing murder case that happens in the building they live in. And if you think that it's similar to other romance murder stories, scriptwriter Lee assures you that it's not.

"Rather than focusing on the who, it's more about why they did it and why they got to the point", she says. The K-drama will explore the motives and backstory rather than simply showing a cat-and-mouse game to find the killer.

Kim Dong-wook also said, "I found myself having fun while reading each script I received and was curious about the next one. I think viewers will also enjoy it and we're working hard to make it even more fun."

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"You Are My Spring" is now streaming on Netflix, with new episodes released every Monday and Tuesday.

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