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The Chinese Twitter-style networking platform has just launched a new mobile application—Oasis—for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Here's what you need to know about this exclusive app:

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It’s developed by one of the largest social media companies in the world

Oasis was created by the team behind Chinese social media giant, Weibo. This platform has long been prominent in China, bringing people in the Chinese-speaking world to share, create and discover multi-media content online. Ever since its establishment in 2009, Weibo has been synonymous with the most active microblogging site.

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It’s a lifestyle and fashion social platform

The application is designed for those—particularly young people—with exquisite taste in the realms of fashion and lifestyle. Users are encouraged to find the joy of discovering and sharing the things they see and experience around the world.

In this "oasis", users are able to destress by connecting with people with common interests and browsing content based on your preferences, such as food, travel, beauty and fashion.

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It’s currently available by invitation only

Users can log in to this new platform either by their mobile number, Weibo, Wechat or QQ account. It is in a public beta stage for now, however, which is only available if you have an invitation code.

iOS users can download the application from the App Store directly, while Android users will need to download it via QR code or from other social media channels, according to Chinese media.

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It has a hybrid interface

With functions of browsing, sharing, and editing photos and videos, users can also engage with people by leaving likes and comments. The layout of Oasis is reminiscent of Instagram and China’s popular social e-commerce platform, Xiaohungshu (aka. RED).

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It features an interactive water drops scoring system

Users will be able to access a page named “water drops” in the application. Whenever you update your news feed and invite your friends to register, more “water drops” will be collected. With this virtual currency, users can exchange for more members-only exclusive privileges and show support for their favourite bloggers, helping them to rise up in the ranks. 

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