Cover Here's what you need to know about Netflix's new "Watch Timer" feature.

Netflix is testing a new “Watch Timer” feature that allows you to set a specific time to pause the content, so you won’t miss any of the action as you doze off—or—get addicted to binge-watching your favourite TV shows and movies

We’ve all been there: watching a show and can’t seem to stop your Netflix marathon even the eyelids feel heavy, ended up falling asleep only to wake up in the fragmented moments of those cliffhangers. Whether it’s the feel-good series, K-dramas or inspiring travel documentaries, the streaming giant never gives a chance to its fans to feel monotonous with its continuous addition of new programmes—now the problem is, it’s hard to find your way back to reality once we start watching those binge-worthy shows—say Bling Empire and Lupin, for example.  

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Enter Netflix’s newest “Watch Timer” feature. Designed to “give viewers more control cover their day and their Netflix experience”, the new feature allows viewers to choose between four timeslots: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, where the session will end automatically when the time limit comes to an end. This new function is especially handy for those who want to quit binge-watching habits for better sleep patterns, or parents who allow their kids to watch just one more episode before bed. 

Currently, the timer feature is in a global test phase, which is only available on Android mobile devices for adult profiles. Netflix will evaluate the feature and release it on iOS, computers, and maybe even Smart TVs in the near future if they find it improves user experience.  

Those lucky Andriod users can try the new "Watch Timer" feature by following these steps:

  • Choose and play your favourite TV show or movie
  • Tap on the clock icon in the top right corner tap
  • Lastly, select the time slot for when you want to stop playing that content

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