Cover The season two of "Emily in Paris" has officially started filming—here are all the details we know so far (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

Calling all “Emily in Paris” fans! It has officially been confirmed that filming is underway for season 2

It’s official: The second instalment of Emily In Paris is officially in the works after the smash success of 2020’s first season. Created by Sex and the City’s Darren Star, the Netflix hit series follows the adventures of Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins), a young woman who moves from Chicago to Paris to provide an American perspective to a French marketing agency, Savoir.  

Along with the season two-confirming announcement, the streaming giant also revealed that Emily in Paris was its most popular comedy series of 2020, with 58 million households across the globe viewing the show. The intriguing plot didn’t just draw in audiences but fans also couldn’t get enough of the show’s fashion moments and gorgeous filming locations in Paris that fuelled their wanderlust amidst the pandemic.

Excited about the new series? Read on for what we know about Emily in Paris season 2, including cast, plot details, and more. 

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Season 2 has already begun filming on Monday, May 3

On May 3, Netflix announced that Emily is Paris is officially returned to production for season 2 with a video of the cast sharing the great news. The streamer hasn’t released a premiere date or trailer for the new season yet, but we know that it’ll definitely be worth the wait! 

The new season will see original cast members

As there were no character departures in season 1, it’s expected that the new series will feature all the familiar faces, including Lilly Collins, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Samuel Arnold, and Bruno Gouery.  

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The announcement is accompanied with a note from Emily’s boss at the Savoir Agency in Paris

Prior to the announcement video shared on Instagram on Monday, Netflix actually confirmed the show would return for a second season with a fictional letter written by Emily’s Parisian boss, Sylvie Grateau, back in November 2020. In the note, Grateau confirmed that Emily’s new work permit has been approved and she can continue to work at Savoir, promising there’s a new adventure awaits.  

The story plot could be delightfully refreshing

We don’t know much about the season 2 plot at the moment, but Lilly Collins hinted that the new series will likely explore more of her character’s personal growth in addition to delivering the same enthralling stories about her life in Paris, including new romances and workplace challenges.  

According to the press release issued by Netflix, Collins says, “As an actor, an artist, and a creative, the most meaningful gift is to connect with people through your art in some way. It’s an honour to be associated with a project that provided people with some much-needed relief during a trying time when everyone was looking for a reason to smile and laugh. Not only did playing Emily teach me more about myself, but also about the world around me.” “I couldn’t be happier to be back in Paris for Season 2 to expand upon those lessons, to continue to grow, and learn even more about this beautiful city and all of its character with Emily,” she added. 

Does this mean Emily, who's quintessentially American will adapt to Parisian culture better? It’s going to be exciting to find out what the storyline of Emily in Paris season 2 will entail.

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The show is filmed in Paris, St. Tropez and other locations in France

The first season of Emily in Paris is renowned for its extensive list of filming locations that offer audiences some of Paris’ most iconic and gorgeous vistas, so it should come as no surprise that the upcoming series will also feature more picturesque locations in the City of Lights.

In the press release, Netflix further confirmed that season 2 will film in Paris, St. Tropez and other locations in France. 

Speaking of the renewal news and production, creator Darren Star also makes a note in the press release issued by Netflix, “From the beginning we always wanted to create this beautiful cinematic view of Paris. The timing of the series release was fortuitous for us as everyone around the world was able to become armchair travellers and live vicariously through our cast. We could not be more proud and are excited to bring more joy to our fans as we start production on season 2.” 

For those who have yet to watch the show or for the fans who simply can't wait that long until the new season comes out, all episodes of "Emily in Paris" are now available to watch on Netflix. Stay tuned for updates on the premiere date by following the show's official Instagram.