Cover Chloé Zhao shares her three secrets to success. (Photography: Austin Hargrave/Tatler Hong Kong)

Chloé Zhao, the first Asian woman to win Best Director at the Golden Globes for "Nomadland" which also won Best Picture, shares her three secrets to success with Tatler

All eyes are on Chloé Zhao, who just made history as the first Asian woman to win Best Director in the entire 78-year history of the Golden Globes.

Nomadland, which also won Best Picture is already tipped for an Oscar nomination. Chloé Zhao is well on her way to breaking more barriers as an Asian female director, inspiring others who are also pursuing the same dream. During her interview and photoshoot with Tatler, Zhao shared her three key to success.

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1. Work with your limitations

Zhao's first two films were done with relatively small budgets, so she had to work within the limitations. But that didn't stop her from making these superb movies that won praises and awards.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

Making a movie is a team effort. It's important to work with the right people. For Zhao, some of these people include her fellow NYU film student and partner Joshua James Richard who also worked with her as a cinematographer.

3. Get at least 7–8 hours of sleep every day

Of course, now that all eyes are on Chloé Zhao with the awards season and Eternals already in the pipeline, an important thing is to get the power sleep you deserve.

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