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Sound like you know what you're talking about on pretty much any topic with the help of this Tatler-approved panel of experts

We’ve all been there: frozen out of a dinner party discussion when the topic strays into uncharted territory, leaving you wondering why you have no interesting anecdotes to contribute on the subject of modern art or contemporary literature. Whether it’s being able to deliver thoughts with finesse on the boss’s new watch, engage with authority on Mahler versus Mozart over canapés, or sprinkle in some sage advice on avoiding bad investments in the world of horse racing, it is always helpful to have a few CliffsNotes on hand.

In Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell argues that the key to becoming an expert in any given field is to practise, in the correct way, for 10,000 hours. If that sounds like too much work, Tatler has your back, or at least we’ve created a cheat sheet to help make good use of your time, should you find yourself with a little extra on your hands. We talked to a spectrum of Hong Kong connoisseurs, who offer their tips and talking points, from books to Bach, so you can chime in with confidence when conversation turns intellectual—the next time we can all go out to parties again.

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Patrick Kwok

Heir to the Sasa cosmetics empire, Kwok comes from a racing-mad family and currently owns champion horse Beauty Generation. His own company, Derby, specialises in affordable men’s tailoring

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Jing Wang

Wang is a celebrated violin soloist and has held the title of concertmaster at the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013.

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Albert Wan

Lifelong book lover and owner of Bleak House Books, an independent shop in San Po Kong selling mostly second-hand reads.

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Yuen Chi-chung

A musical encyclopaedia, writer and critic, Yuen also DJs, organises gigs and teaches people how to appreciate culture.

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Alan Lo

An architecture graduate and co-founder of Classified Group, Lo serves on a number of art and culture nonprofits and museum committees, including Tate, SFMOMA, Serpentine Galleries, Para Site and Design Trust

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Nicole Garbellini

Born and trained in Italy, theatre performer and producer Garbellini founded Aurora Theatre in Hong Kong in 2010, a local theatre company that brings international and original material to the stage.

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Carson Chan

One of the most influential watch aficionados in Hong Kong and head of the Greater China mission for the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, which promotes fine watchmaking.

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Kai-yin Lo

Founder of an eponymous jewellery line, Lo is a historian known for making antiques wearable and bringing back semi-precious stones to everyday wear. Here are her top tips for breaking into the jewellery market. 

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Douglas So

Antique enthusiast Douglas So founded the award-winning gallery F11 Foto Museum and serves as a member of the Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation and the Museum Advisory Committee, and is the chairman of the Antiquities Advisory Board.

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