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In yet another remarkable undertaking, Filipina Filmmaker Isabel Sandoval, who starred and directed the critically-acclaimed 'Lingua Franca,' ventures on another project with celebrated Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield

Isabel Sandoval has made quite a buzz in the US after Netflix made her critically-acclaimed Lingua Franca available to the public. The film, which exposes the vulnerabilities of a trans woman of colour in Trump's America, allowed the audience to delve deeper into the LGBTQIA+ community's shared experiences all thanks to the filmmaker's sultry third feature from firsthand encounters.

Today, Sandoval remains unstoppable. As one of the few transgender Filipinas in Hollywood, she is surely making her way into the upper echelons of show business. A report released by Variety last November 21, 2021, noted that Sandoval was tapped to direct two episodes of Under the Banner of Heaven starring Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield.

The project finally comes to fruition this year. 

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Created and written by LGBTQIA+ activist and writer Dustin Lance Black, the seven-episode show takes on the murder investigations of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her infant daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1984. On top of the case is police detective Jeb Pyre (Garfield), a devout Mormon whose faith is tested when he finds an uncanny connection between the crimes and his church. 

“I love her, she’s incredible,” Garfield said in an interview with TFC News Hollywood. “She was so precise, so sensitive, so professional, so talented, and astute, and I really, really enjoyed her as a director.”

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On her Twitter page, it can be seen that Sandoval feels equally ecstatic about her new television project. She tweeted, “For my first-ever TV Job, I’m directing Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones in a limited series.” She also shared in a separate post how she "made Andrew Garfield laugh on set."

 'Under the Banner of Heaven' is set to premiere via FX on Hulu on April 28. Watch the trailer below:

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