Cover The wristband uses electromyography (EMG) to record motor nerve signals (Photo: Courtesy of Facebook)

Facebook’s AR technology wristband will help you navigate the Internet with a simple flick of a finger

Just a week after sharing its 10-year vision on developing a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses, Facebook has announced its plans on releasing a wristband that translates motor signals from your brain to make digital commands. 

This means that the device will help you navigate AR menus when you simply just think about clicking onto a link on the screen or think about scrolling down a site. Utilising electromyography (EMG) to record motor nerve signals, the wristband promises to understand the smallest finger or wrist motions to help you make commands to your device. 

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On why Facebook chose to develop AR technology for the wrist, the company believes it provides a layer of privacy that voice commands lack, while a wristband is also comfortable and portable enough that it will fit into day-to-day life. The social media giant has also unveiled its plans on developing the wristband further to eventually work in conjunction with the company’s forthcoming augmented-reality glasses.

“The goal of neural interfaces is to upset this long history of human-computer interaction and start to make it so that humans now have more control over machines than they have over us,” Reardon says. “We want computing experiences where the human is the absolute center of the entire experience.”

While the product is still in its research and development stage with no release date announced, AR fans will likely have to wait for the ten-year mark to get their hands on these wristbands. 

To learn more about Facebook's wristband, watch their video here

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