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Whether at a social event, a soiree, or a date, it is important to maintain your charm when you have to deal with rude people. Here are tips on how to handle the unpleasantry with poise

Stay conscious about your body language

Before you say anything, your body language might have said something else. Refrain from raising your brow and keep that jaw up—you don’t want people to know how appalling you find them—after all, you have class.

Be eloquent

Keep calm and display elegance in your speech. Remember: always be witty and clever, not sarcastic and condescending. Quick wit demonstrates understanding and intelligence, and there’s no better clap back than a smart one! If you disagree, there are simple methods to avoid sounding defensive. Try saying "I believe" as opposed to "But".

Kill it with kindness

If you're caught staring at someone, the recipe for the remedy is to apologise and compliment. A simple "I’m sorry, I was just admiring your beautiful necklace" will definitely change the mood. Just like the oldest trick in the book—the sales pitch compliment—people are more likely to comply with those who flatter them.

‘Huh’ is not a word

Misheard something? ‘Huh’ is not a word. Just excuse yourself and apologise for not catching what they said. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that", is a lot more graceful than "Huh?"

When there really is no point

Do not apologise when you don’t need to, just pardon yourself and carry on. Don’t forget to keep your composure with your body language—keep your chin up, nod your head once to acknowledge them and maintain an upright posture. Portraying welcoming body language towards threats like rudeness shows your decorum. After all, you have an entire itinerary of meeting people, don’t let the negative energy ruin your day.

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