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Here are our favourite movies that Emma Stone has starred in before donning her role as the viciously fabulous Cruella

The quirky and lovely Emma Stone has taken on a different route this year with the debut of her new Disney movie, Cruella. To celebrate the actress' range in the movies she has starred in, binge-watch some of her iconic movies over the years other than Superbad and Aloha.

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Here are some of our favourite Emma Stone movies to watch:

1. Easy A

Above In 'Easy A', Olive Penderghast seems to get herself into a situation that high school students might be familiar with. Drawing inspiration from Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, 'The Scarlet Letter', Olive owns the role that her high school has labelled her with.

Emma Stone returns as a high school student in Easy A. However, this time, the spotlight is hers as she tells the story of Olive Penderghast, a high school student who had to lie about losing her virginity. You'll get sucked into Olive's world with the way she narrates the underpinnings of her lie—and what else followed.

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2. Zombieland

Above During a zombie apocalypse, Columbus hits the road to travel to the rumoured safe haven in Los Angeles, California. Along the way, he meets three other survivors.

This iconic zombie movie stars Emma Stone, who's pretty nifty when it comes to killing the undead. Despite the show being centred on surviving a zombie apocalypse, her character is paired off with Columbus (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who falls for her. Honestly, who can blame him?

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3. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a great romantic comedy in its own right. But what makes it better is the cast; the quirky Emma Stone paired with Ryan Gosling will make your heart melt. Watching this feel-good movie will have you realise that Emma has come a long way, and we're excited to see her take on different roles in the future!

4. La La Land

We were used to seeing Emma Stone star in romantic comedies which made her appearance in La La Land memorable. But apart from seeing the actress take on a singing role, audiences were impressed to see her play a more mature role as she's paired once again with Ryan Gosling. This time, the lead couple is forced to face the music; they must choose between career or love.

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5. The Help

Emma Stone knows how to portray strong women, which did not surprise most of us when she played Skeeter in The Help. Here, we see Emma's stellar performance as a college graduate and aspiring writer in the 1960s. She plays a key role in the movie as Skeeter, who gives African American maids the opportunity to speak about their experiences. By this time, we also see Emma's skill in using a different accent throughout the movie.

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