Whether it's a daily dose of inspiration or some seriously good storytelling, there's no doubt that podcasts are taking over the airwaves. These are the one our Hong Kong Tatler editors can't get enough of...

The Assassination

"This enthralling 10-part podcast series from the BBC World Service charts the rise and tragic fall of Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan who was assassinated by a suicide bomber in 2007. No one was ever brought to justice for her murder although this meticulously researched documentary casts the net of suspicion far and wide. It’s a gripping story of corruption, conspiracy, courage and consequences masterfully delivered by the BBC’s former Pakistan correspondent Owen Bennett-Jones."—Jakki Phillips, Editor in Chief

Find out more at bbc.co.uk

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Dirty John

"Online dating is one of the fastest-growing ways for people to meet each other but we're all aware of horror stories about dishonest con artists who use fake profiles to entrap unsuspecting singles. John Meehan takes this to a whole other level. Nicknamed 'Dirty John' by his university classmates, Meehan's dodgy dealings and romantic exploits are recalled in excruciating detail during this true crime podcast, which has since been adapted into a Bravo original series, available on Netflix. A complex tale of deceit, drug abuse and–eventually–murder, Dirty John will have you questioning everything you know about relationships."—Annie Darling, Watches and Jewellery Editor

Find out more at wondery.com 


"I loved Serial when it was the thing to listen to."Christian Barlow, Director of VIP Content and Communications 

Find out more at serialpodcast.org

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Dear Sugars

"Dear Sugars by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, which may have just ended, but it’s well worth digging into their archives. The duo tackle heart wrenching problems from their listeners with radical empathy and more than just a little bit of necessary sassiness. The way they deconstruct common life issues, from how to say no to breaking off toxic relationships, will undoubtedly resonate with most. A true balm for the spirit."Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Food & Wine

Find out more at npr.org

Kwik Brain by Jim Kwik

"Jim Kwik is a learning expert and brain coach to some of the world's greatest minds, including Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. In his weekly podcast, he shares techniques on how to learn faster, improve your memory and build better habits. Jim's memory tactics and one-liners are hard to forget—my favourite being 'As your body moves, your brain grooves.' And with each podcast being under 20 minutes, it's a 'kwik' way to keep your good habits up."—Erica Fong, Digital Content Director

Find out more at jimkwik.com

The West Wing Weekly

"I was huge fan of The West Wing television series so I was so happy that there is The West Wing Weekly podcast now, where the hosts discuss each episode in full and relate in to the current political climate, and cast members will share behind-the-scenes info from each episode."Jacqueline Kot, Editorial Director, Special Projects

Find out more at thewestwingweekly.com

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The Joe Rogan Experience

"I love how broad Joe Rogan's scope of guests is; from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Elon Musk to comedians or more obscure experts like mycologist Paul Stamets, each episode is an open, candid conversation that rarely fails to inspire."Coco Marett, Digital Editor

Find out more at joerogan.net


"I love diving into the complexity of the human brain and why we think or react certain ways. This podcast tackles subjects such as personality, emotions, reality, self-reflection and everything in between."—Natasha Tang, Social Media Editor

Find out more at npr.org

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Trust The Podcast

Trust The Podcast is a great source of inspiration and information for anyone interested in fitness and its impact on our health and lifestyle, with topics ranging from overcoming mental issues with exercise, controversy about body image and balancing work with training. Coach Saed and Steven from Coastal Fitness are the hosts of this Hong Kong-based podcast, where they sit down with guests from diverse backgrounds every week to discuss their fitness journey, life lessons and the role fitness plays in their lives."Pearl Yan, Digital Projects Editor

Find out more at coastalfitnesshk.com

The Mindset & Motivation Podcast 

"I love this podcast so much for its positive vibe! Though each episode is quite brief (around 10-20 minutes), it always teaches a lesson or two about self-love and the keys to master your own life, and offers me much-needed motivation from time to time."—Helen Yu, Digital Editorial Assistant 

Find out more at mwfmotivation.libsyn.com

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