Rosewood Hotel Group brings the spirit of a New York icon to the harbourfront with its private members' club, Carlyle. & Co.

We love private members’ clubs here in Hong Kong. But let’s face it, the formula has been more or less the same since…well, always. That is, until now, as Rosewood Hotel Group break the mould with the opening of Carlyle & Co., which is set to open in Spring 2021. 

The private members’ club is named after and inspired by the The Caryle, A Rosewood Hotel in New York City – a hotel with a star-studded history and a reputation for being the heart of New York’s legendary jazz scene, thanks to its famed in-house supper club, Café Carlyle.

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In its heyday, The Carlyle regularly welcomed the likes of the Kennedys, Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor and Hunter S Thompson. Once upon a time, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn were spotted having a heart-to-heart in the marble lobby. Anthony Bourdain described it as “completely nuts”—in the best way possible. Today, the Upper East Side hotel is frequented by George and Amal Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger. Café Carlyle is among Bill Murray’s favourite New York hangouts, and it's where he sang and danced for his 2015 Netflix special, A Very Murray Christmas. 

London-based design firm Studioilse was tasked to capture the energy of The Carlyle at Carlyle & Co., which takes over 25,000 sq. ft. across three floors of Rosewood Hong Kong, sitting over 50 stories above-ground and boasting one of the largest outdoor private terraces in the city.

The sprawling space is filled with custom furniture, flattering lighting, intimate nooks and thoughtful elements of surprise. Encouraging an ongoing sense of discovery, Carlyle & Co. has a library with 2000 books, a music room with 1000 vinyl records and an impressive contemporary art collection hung throughout.


“We designed carefully to elevate every activity, whether it’s a drink or a dinner, a meeting with your tailor or an evening debate,” says Ilse Crawford, principal and founder of Studioilse. “It is so important that the club and the offer has real integrity and is not a pastiche nor too prescriptive.”

For more day-to-day use, the club offers multiple dining and bar concepts, impressive private dining rooms, a wine cellar, living room and a private barber and tailor. There are also eight private suites, each named in tribute after an individual who played a key role in The Carlyle's history including interior designer, Dorothy Draper, and resident performer Bobby Short. 

Speaking of which, the club houses its own chapter of Café Carlyle, where it seeks to create the kind of intimate, ambient supper club nights that define its New York namesake. When the time comes, the velvet-clad venue will host live performances from a roster of performers spanning jazz, soul, blues and the occasional lively cabaret. 

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