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Didn't it all start out with ‘I just want to know their names’?

After hours of binge-watching content on Youtube, you may still have a burning curiosity about the world’s biggest boy band aka BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan; Beyond the Scene). Besides being cha­rt-toppers and world-class performers, the septet also boasts quite the personalities outside of stadiums and talk shows.

RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are practically veterans in the business, having debuted as early as 2013. That only means there’s roughly eight years of content to catch up on for new fans. But fear not, as we bring you some of the top shows and movies that will not only help you memorize their names but more so take you further down the ARMY rabbit hole.

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Tread lightly!

1. Burn The Stage: The Movie (2018)

For those interested to see the group’s personality behind the scenes, this movie is a good gateway to understanding each member’s unique character. Covering the band’s 2017 WINGS world tour, Burn The Stage takes audiences along with BTS as they deal with insecurities about performing, staying relevant, and even the difficulty of living up to people’s expectations of them as idols.

In 2017, BTS became the very first Korean act to win at the famed Billboard Music Awards. The movie touches on the group’s ‘long way to the top’—having been practically nobodies from a small company in Korea that now dominate the world stage.

Available on Youtube Premium

2. Run BTS (2015 – Current)

Ever wondered what the world’s biggest boy band would do to obtain a pack of their favourite ramen? You’ll be glad to know that each BTS member has no problem betraying one another at a drop of a hat for the most mundane of incentives.

Run BTS producers think up games, challenges, and tournaments (sometimes, the rules of which no one – not even BTS – really understands) that the group must go through to receive spectacular awards like a ramen cooker, gift cheques, or simply a serving of their favourite samgyeopsal. Other times, they compete to avoid embarrassing penalties like wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional attire) at the airport where paparazzi line the halls or hiking a mountain at sunrise.  

Tune in for 145 episodes (as of writing) to get to know who among them is the most conniving and willing to forsake brotherhood for the promise of a delightful snack.

Notable episodes:

Episode 83 to 85 (Summer Outing) to see the six other members compete against only the youngest, Jungkook, in uber-challenging watersports; Episode 118 to 119 for the ultimate betrayal or any of the mafia games.

Available for free on Vlive and Weverse.

3. Love Yourself in Seoul (2019)

On the heels of their super successful WINGS tour, BTS returns to the stage for their Love Yourself global tour which culminates with an encore performance in their hometown of Seoul. You may have encountered long-time fans saying that BTS concerts are one of a kind; this full concert film brings you right in the throes of their show held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Get to see amazing performances of the band’s best hits and solo songs.

Available for purchase on Vlive.

4. Bon Voyage (2016 – 2020)

Bon Voyage is a travel reality show that follows the group as they discover new picturesque locations around the world. No doubt put on hold by the pandemic, the limited-run show used to be a yearly staple for BTS since its inception in 2016.

With a total of four iterations thus far, the members fumble around Northern Europe, Hawaii, Malta, and New Zealand with only their wits, Go-Pros, and film crew to help them survive the awkward pains of travelling (especially as only one member, RM, is fluent in English). The earlier seasons feature challenges much like what they do for Run BTS but for the latter two seasons, the Bon Voyage format is eased up into a more docu-style vlog.

Tatler Tip: The Hawaii season is particularly entertaining as the group is subdivided into smaller teams and are stuck with a limited cash budget. Thought you’d never witness a millionaire idol plead for food? See the oldest member, Jin, sweet-talk a restaurant server for generous servings of beef tripe in one of the episodes.

Seasons 1 to 3 are available for purchase on Vlive, while season 4 is available for purchase on Weverse.

5. Bring The Soul: The Movie (2019)

By now, you might have noticed that much like the idols they follow, BTS’ film crew doesn’t seem to have a day off either. Following the group for another world tour, Bring The Soul further uncovers the band as worldwide superstars. This time, they’re more familiar with crowd expectations and have already shot to global fame. Different from the earlier tour films, this 2019 release digs deeper into each member’s fears and uncertainties.

Tatler Trivia: Bring The Soul features Jungkook’s foot injury which barred him from dancing; he and the rest of BTS are put to the test as they scramble and struggle to pull off the rest of the tour.

Available for purchase on Weverse.

6. Break the Silence: Persona: The Movie (2020)

Released during the pandemic, Break the Silence is the group’s last concert film (at least for the time being). Bigger than ever, the docufilm follows BTS at the height of their fame when touring was still possible. Now performing sold-out stadium shows in major cities, the seven members have begun to settle into their extraordinary fame. Among the concerts featured in this movie is the group’s show at the Wembley Stadium in London which has welcomed other iconic musicians such as Queen, Beyoncé, Madonna, and more. Witness BTS dominate a sea of fans across countries with their inimitable stage presence and immense professionalism.

Available for purchase on Weverse.

7. BTS In the Soop

Another pandemic release, BTS In The Soop, is a limited-run docu-series about the group’s foray into a much-needed leisure trip to the woods. They rent a house outside of Seoul and there they literally do nothing but enjoy their week-long break. It might seem like the opposite of entertainment but watching the members get into trivial shenanigans and fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere offers a ball of laughs.

Tatler Tip: In The Soop is basically a cooking show as various members prep their signature recipes for each other. Best not to watch late into the night to avoid midnight cravings.

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