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Adele’s Oh My God music video is emotionally charged with references that point to the Grammy award-winning singer’s life of fame, love, and loss. Read on as Tatler dives into the details below

Adele’s recently released the music video for her song, Oh My God from her latest album 30, and it is a theatrical masterpiece that alludes to the singer’s journey towards healing. Adele has always been one to draw from personal experiences, whether she sings of love, heartbreak, or even her sins, which makes her songs all the more raw and soulful.

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This time, the album is about divorce, as plainly stated by the singer herself during an Instagram Live. Particularly, her separation from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. It is in her song, Oh My God, where we feel Adele’s need to break free from her past.

What better way to end and begin a new era than have Sam Brown, the video director of the music video for Rolling in the Deep, direct the black-and-white visual.

As we immerse ourselves in Adele's emotional narrative and admire her wardrobe in every scene, we cannot help but notice allusions hinting at the song’s true message.

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Adele has expressed her appreciation for religion in the past, and the influence runs deep in several songs over the years including Oh My God with lines like, “Teetering on the edge of Heaven and Hell / Is a battle that I cannot fight” and “Lord don’t let me, I said Lord don’t let me / I said Lord don’t let me let me down (don’t let me let myself down)”.

In fact, we immediately see a biblical element at the beginning of the music video—the forbidden fruit, an apple placed atop a chair. which the singer refers to in the lines: “I know that it's wrong / But I want to have fun”. Later, a python slithers around the seat.

A recurring element in the music video is the iconic chair (a clear representation of her relationship) which the artist sat on in the music video for Hometown Glory in 2009 and Rolling in the Deep in 2011. It’s the same figure used at the latter part of her first music video from 30, Easy on Me, where she's seen sitting on a chair as she sings her heart out. 

Throughout the video, the chair is portrayed in various ways: overturned (which symbolises the rupture of her relationship or career), spinning (the downward spiral of events in her life), and later being burned.


Viewers will spot allusions that depict how music was Adele’s means of expression in times of distress and struggle through a scene showing a woman (whose hair resembles Adele’s, fans assume) lying on the ground with a rosary in her hand while surrounded by papers and pens.

As the camera tilts upward, we see two Adeles seated on a chair, implying the duality of the singer as she continues to sing about her internal conflict.

Much later, Adele finally learns to gain control of her life as we see her holding a lead rope of a horse with a woman sitting on top, and another woman plucking flowers beside a chair embellished with blooms in one frame.

As the singer’s narrative comes to an end, she appears to be seated with an apple in hand which she eventually bites into, finally giving in to her desire to leave the relationship, before standing on her two feet and leaving the frame. At long last, Adele’s chosen the path to happiness.

Watch Adele’s Oh My God music video below:

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