The digital age has brought us desktop dating and mobile dating apps but it seems like we’ve managed to transform all platforms into dating aids. Instagram and Snapchat have become important players in the dating game, even though they're not technically dating apps, and then, there are people who use LinkedIn as a way to pick up. Last, but certainly not least, Facebook announced it would build a dating platform for the 200 million people using FB who have self-identified as single. With so many platforms to choose from, here are my three top tips to snagging a date in the digital age.

1. Quality photos are a must

The viewer needs to see you. This means your face should be completely in the shot and unobscured. Group shots, dark lighting, blurriness, and anything to hide your appearance will be assumed to be proof you are not confident about yourself (which is a huge turn off). 

Also, don’t repurpose your LinkedIn or Facebook photos on dating apps. Corporate head shots are too staged and formal and Facebook photos can be too candid and casual. Make sure that your photos are attractive—you are trying to get a date, after all.

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2. Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say in person

You’re not going to succeed in getting a date if you’re crass or rude, and let us also not forget that everything is on record (it’s easy to screengrab conversations and share with others). Depending on your choice of words (and images), this can have far-reaching ramifications.

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3. Never forget online dating is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself

Too many people like to chat online but never meet in person. My suggestion is to meet in person as soon as possible, because a false sense of chemistry is created via text and the longer you wait to see if it translates to real life, the harder it will be for that to happen.

Ariadna Peretz is the founder of Maitre D'ate, a matchmaking agency for Hong Kong singles who want to fall in love. She also offers date concierge services, coaching, and online dating support.

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