As much as we love the traditional dinner-and-a-movie date night, it's important to think out of the box now and then to keep things interesting. Here are seven romantic, ultra-exclusive Hong Kong date ideas to sweep your significant other off their feet in the most epic of ways:

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Private yoga with a view

Connect on another level with your love by booking a private rooftop yoga class in Midlevels with one of Hong Kong’s leading yoga instructors, Steffi Lopez Gonzalez. Yoga, combined with the altitude outdoors (she’s on the 36th floor), unlocks love and creativity within and a sense of joy and wellbeing—the perfect combination for a date.

Afterwards, you can float down to Gough's on Gough for a bespoke dinner in one of its private dining rooms.

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Healing mind, body and spirit

If you and your love lead hectic and frenetic lives, why not share an experience that alleviates stress, relaxes and rejuvenates, all while clearing your mind of unnecessary clutter? You can do all of this with a private gong bath at Red Door Studios.

The gong bath will bring you to a meditative state and facilitate the movement of qi throughout your body.

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Private dinner and helicopter tour

At the inimitable Peninsula, Gaddi’s offers a chef's table experience with either a five-course or 10-course dinner made from the freshest seasonal ingredients of the day. Before dinner, you and your date will be given a tour of the kitchen where Chef Xavier will share his thoughts and his creative process, making the dinner truly unique and memorable.

Afterwards, why not cap off the evening with a private helicopter tour of Hong Kong? The Peninsula Hotel has its own helipad and helicopter for charter, offering a majestic bird's eye view of our beautiful city.

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Fine wine and dine

For serious food and wine lovers, start your date by renting out Ginsberg & Chan’s Tasting Room or Garden Terrace for a private champagne tasting.

Once the bubbles have dissipated and you’re feeling peckish, you can cross the street to The Landmark for dinner. Opt for a classic fine dining experience at Amber, or head to famed Italian restaurant Otto e Mezzo Bombana—it is white truffle season, after all, and Hong Kong food lovers know that no one does truffles better than the legendary Umberto Bombana.

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Artfully romantic

Art, in all of its forms, ignites passion from within while offering respite from the day-to-day drudgery. It is the perfect backdrop for a romantic date because it evokes memories, emotions and desires, all of which make for excellent conversation.

Start your date exploring galleries in the building, like Pearl Lam, Hauser and Wirth, Galerie Ora Ora and more. You can call ahead to see if a private tour can be arranged. After you've worked up an appetite, go upstairs to Ecriture, Ding’s Club or the more casual Piqniq to continue your discussion on life, art, and love.

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Honing in on history

Only Hong Kong’s most cultured know of Liang Yi Museum, which houses one of the world's largest and best-curated collections of Chinese antique furniture. As it is by appointment only, make a reservation so you and your date can have access to this fascinating museum in the heart of Sheung Wan.

Each visit comes with a private guided tour where you will be encouraged to touch and sit on the furniture on display—something you will not find at any other museum. Afterwards, you can continue the date’s Chinese theme with dinner at a high-end Chinese restaruant such as Mott 32 or Duddell’s.

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You, me and the sea

As typhoon season comes to a close, it's the perfect weather to charter a sailing yacht and spend the day visiting Hong Kong’s hidden beaches.

There are several seaside restaurants at your disposal—such as Ming Kee Restaurant on Poi Toi Island or the elegant 131 in Sai Kung—but to keep things ultra-exclusive you may wish to have your meals on board. End the day lazing on the ship’s bow, sipping champagne as you watch the sunset.

Whatever date idea you choose, remember that the location and choice of activity are but a means to connect you and your date deeply and meaningfully. Ask questions (and don’t forget to listen), share personal stories, and bond over the activity you choose. 

Ariadna Peretz is the founder of Maitre D'ate, a matchmaking agency for Hong Kong singles who want to fall in love. She also offers date concierge services, coaching, and online dating support.