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These comedians use the power of music to get you tapping your foot one second and laughing on the next

Bo Burnham

Above A must-watch for non-fans is Bo Burnham's "Can't Handle This" performance from his special titled "Make Happy".

Bo Burnham’s most recent work is Inside, where he questions the significance of comedy during precarious times. It's a Netflix special wherein humour, music and film's technical elements are remarkably used to elicit both laughs and empathy from the viewers. Bo is known for this; the social awkwardness, clever wordplay and what people may call ‘wokeness’. In 2006, when Bo was only 16 years old, his comedy songs on YouTube became viral. Since then, he has evolved from singing about his sexuality, gender inequality, racism, social media to anxiety. He does all this while creating eargasmic tunes with top-tier staging, a uniqueness that separates Bo from the rest.

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Steve Martin

Above A fun recommendation for non-fans is this short performance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Steve Martin's musicality is unconventional and his punchlines are original and unpredictable which often makes the crowd dissolve into laughter.

Musical comedian Steve Martin is truly one of a kind; his musicality is unconventional and his punchlines are unpredictable which often makes the crowd dissolve into laughter. It's his originality and analytical process that has earned him awards over the past few years. It is definitely the depth of Steve's humour that makes him a comedic genius. But apart from singing, Steve played the banjo as part of his act when he was still doing stand-up. Years later, Steve went on to pursue a music career—which surprised himself but not his fans—considering that he had honed the skill and developed a passion for music since he was only 17 years old.

The Lonely Island

Above One of the most-viewed music videos of The Lonely Island is "Jack Sparrow" featuring a movie drunk Michael Bolton, who just recently binge-watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The Lonely Island is a comedy trio consisting of Adam Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. Their best works either features raunchy jokes about a man's phallus—which arguably depicts the group's message—and great, catchy music. Their reason? To target an audience that's heternormative or sexist. Over the years, the troupe explored other themes and even had the opportunity to feature famed celebrities like the iconic T-Pain, pop sensation Lady Gaga and the mighty Michael Bolton.

Melissa Villaseñor

Above Melissa Villaseñor can do artist impressions. You'd be left to think that performances are hilariously accurate, but you'll also admire her vocals.

Impressions are incredibly hard to do especially when you're mimicking a celebrated singer. But this is no problem for Melissa Villaseñor, a stand-up comedian who is now the first Latina member of Saturday Night Live. In 2018, Melissa was invited to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she impressed the audience with her flair for singing during the Musical Impressions segment. She absolutely nailed her impression of Björk and Gwen Stefani, from the voice to the facial expressions. Apart from impressions, Melissa has voiced many characters of our favourite films like Toy Story 4, Wreck-It Ralph 2 and shows like OK K.O.!, American Dad and Family Guy.

Tim Minchin

Above Tim Minchin's "Three Minute Song" is a meta song that he plays often that shows what makes this musical comedian one of the best.

The first two things you'll immediately notice about Tim Minchin is his sense of style—his gorgeous, glam eye makeup and hair—and his virtuosity. Not only can Tim play the piano, but he can impress you with his velvety singing voice that's almost comparable to Elton John's. However, once you hear the lines in his comedy songs, you'll hardly control your laughter. His storytelling technique paired with his wordplay is the reason why it's nearly impossible not to admire Tim. It didn't take long until Tim starred in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and composed the music for Matilda.

Reggie Watts

Above Reggie Watts shows up with a fake gibberish accent and proceeds to scat, playing around with vocals. He is incredibly talented and he can sing. He's not afraid to experiment with his gadgets and sounds that might seem mundane or silly which makes his live performances unique and original.

Reggie Watts will make you laugh as he sends you on an electronic trip musically. He is an inventive comedian who can beatbox and play both the keyboard and loop machine. He makes use of synthesisers—which adds a kick to his performances. For sure, Reggie is incredibly talented and he can sing. He's not afraid to experiment with sounds coming from his gadgets or his own voice box that might seem mundane or silly which makes his live performances unique and original. Many personalities have noticed his work and have invited him on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Conan, The Yes Men Save The World and many more. 

Daniel Thrasher

Above The clever Daniel Thrasher's segment where he portrays the struggle of creating original music (and the funny side of it) when it feels like all kinds of music have already been composed.

Daniel Thrasher's content centres on music that he plays on the piano. He is able to fuse both his comedic and musical skills into the videos he creates for 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. The timing and delivery of his jokes will throw you into a fit of laughter as he continues to effortlessly play tunes. Having a musical theatre background, Daniel has also created characters and included them into his own creative realm—characters that fans have grown to love.

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