2021 may not go down in history as the best year ever, but for these mums and families, it will be a year of joy (and love) nonetheless. Meet the expectant mommas prepping to give birth this Year of the Ox 2021!

1. Georgina Wilson

Socialite, businesswoman, and Gen.T honouree Georgina Wilson, recently announced news of her third pregnancy with husband Arthur Burnand on social media. The young couple, who tied the knot in 2016, also have two sons, Archie and Alfred, both of whom are now expecting a new sibling in just a few weeks!

2. Liz Uy

Fashion expert and Gen.T honouree Liz Uy's impeccable style translates well onto her second pregnancy. The young mum looks as radiant as ever on her third trimester, even while going through difficulty with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a sickness that—in her experience—causes intense nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. However, Uy remains optimistic in meeting her and her partner, Raymond Racaza's second child, who we're sure will be an adorable sibling to older brother, Xavi.

3. Vania Romoff

Many may remember Vania Romoff's big announcement in our Tatler Talks episode last October 2020. In it, the Gen. T honouree, fashion designer and mum mentioned some wonderful news: that she was pregnant with twins! Now, she, husband Steven Füglister, and their four-year-old daughter, Emilia, will be an instant family of five in just a few weeks—an exciting turn of events for the fashion designer's admitted to having difficulty conceiving due to her battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

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4. Isabelle Daza

Baby number two is on the way for Gen. T honouree and entrepreneur Isabelle Daza and husband Adrien Semblat, whose first son, the adorable Baltie, had won the hearts of all who saw him after his birth and on our cover. 

5. Camille Co-Koro

Cover girl, Camille Co-Koro, is expecting her first child with husband, Joni Koro. In a touching vlog, the new mum expressed sweet sentiments to her baby and also spoke on her pregnancy journey thus far. She even revealed taking three pregnancy tests to be absolutely certain! Now, the couple are preparing to welcome a lucky baby girl into the world, one who might just enjoy her mother's enviable closet as much as we do.

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6. Sara Black

Meditation guide and Gen T honouree Sara Black is pregnant with her first child. She and partner, Martin Camara, continue their wellness journey as they wait their newest, most exciting arrival!

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