One of Hong Kong's most popular attractions gets a stunning makeover that aims to make it a lush haven both locals and tourists can enjoy

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Designed to be enjoyed

Executive Vice Chairman of New World Development and Tatler 500 Lister, Adrian Cheng, envisioned the new Avenue of the Stars to be a place both locals and tourists can enjoy for leisurely strolls and inspiring views of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline.

Cheng enlisted master landscape architect James Corner—the visionary behind New York City's beloved High Line—to bring this vision to life. The new Avenue of the Stars has double the amount of seating, plenty of shade for those hot Hong Kong summers and will be blooming with lush greenery. 

"We call this place-making," says Corner. "Making places that provide delight, surprise and enrich the lives of people who visit and use such places."

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It's incredibly high tech

Digital elements have been included to create an interactive experience for visitors. 

By scanning QR codes  on the handprints and statues with their smartphones, visitors can access biographies of artists or even watch clips from their films. They can also take photos with the statues using augmented reality technology.

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Thinking globally, acting locally

Avenue of the Stars may be a world-class destination, but it's all about supporting and embracing Hong Kong culture. As well as being a monument to Hong Kong cinema, kiosks resembling Hong Kong market stalls lining the esplanade will showcase home-grown creative brands, including Mei Lok Store, Ho Cha, POS Talk, Tiny and others.

"The Avenue of Stars is part of an ambitious revitalisation project, through which we are transforming this heritage site into a world-class waterfront, and a cultural destination for the Hong Kong people and the world," says Cheng. "We are not only reinventing the public space, but also promoting local culture and celebrating the achievements of Hong Kong’s filmmaking professionals." 

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All hands on deck

Instead of being located on the pavement, Avenue of the Stars' famous handprints—inspired by those on Hollywood's Walk of Fame—will be displayed on wooden handrails along the waterfront. 

New handprints that will be added to the Avenue of Stars include McDull and nine Hong Kong Actresses who have received the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress including Cecilia Ip Tung, Pauline Wong Siu-Fung, Dodo Cheng Yu-ling, Anita Yuen Wing-yi, Sandra Ng Kwan-yue, Law Lan, Nina Paw, Miriam Yeung Chin-wah and Teresa Mo Shun-kwan. 

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Sustainable solutions

A wide range of environmentally friendly materials was used for the revamping of Avenue for the Stars, ensuring that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

For starters, a more durable, sustainable, bio-based wood substitute has been used for handrails and seating, while recycled glass makes up 30 percent of flooring. Light-coloured pavers have also been introduced to reduce the heat island effect.

On top of this, the sale of plastic water bottles has also been banned. Instead, drinking fountains have been installed along the waterfront offering clean drinking water to visitors free of charge.  

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