A reflection of love and her struggle in the music industry, rapper and lyricist Zamaera's EP titled, "Z" highlights a medley of tracks from hip-hop to R&B, set against the theme of self-discovery and growth as a creative artist.

“Helly Kelly” was the breakthrough single that skyrocketed the sensational rapper and lyricist Zamaera into the mainstream Malaysian hip-hop scene. Cementing her rise in the music industry is the launch of her first EP which she described as a mix of the fluid rap genre and revered orchestra."Z" will make its worldwide debut on March 29, with pre-orders available from March 15 with tracks like, "Z vs Z", "Truth" and "Almost". 

Accompanying the launch of the EP was an intimate performance, live in surround sound showcased at TGV cinema, with the documentary on the recording process of “Z” playing in the background; a pioneering medium of combining a concert with theatre. Being in her presence, there is undeniable eloquence from the musician as she candidly discussed her style, loving the movie “Dream Girls” and the production of "Z".

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How do you feel after announcing your debut EP?

I feel very calm. The nerves are out of the way and have transcended into this wonderful energy which was the launch. Now, it’s just excitement to showcase this to the rest of the world because having performed in this medium with surround sound, it got me thinking on how I could make it better. In my mind, I’m creating a whole other performance in my head for the next show. I’m thinking about specific colours of the lights and sounds for example.

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How was the process of making the EP for you?

It was a challenging process which is why the documentary showed a couple of snippets of me crying in the recording booth. This showed the struggle of not being able to achieve something but at the same time showcase what you overcame; it’s like a juxtaposition. Performing the song, "Almost" on stage right after that scene of me breaking down played is like saying, “Hell, no. I’m going to do this. It took a lot of time and work to get here.”

In Malaysia, it’s such a small pond of rappers and hip-hop artists but once you go international, you start back from zero. I think to myself that I should be very humbled by the experience and the opportunities that are given. Some days I think, I can’t do this anymore but I’ve come so far and I want to see what happens next.

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Your style is amazing! Do you figure it out on your own or do you have a stylist?

I do have a stylist and his name is Idan and I’ve worked with him the longest. He in fact told me that he couldn’t style me for the show because he was busy with his online food business now but he suddenly came to me and said, “Look what I got for you." This (the EP launch outfit) is from a designer named Syamil Fazwan and it knocked it off of the park. It's a one-piece velvet suit and look at the tassels on the pants and the leather boots! I think having an understanding relationship with a stylist is super important especially on building my own style.

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Since the EP launch is inside a cinema hall, what movie best describes your music?

In terms of the grandiose performance, I would say "Dream Girls" because there’s so much element of conflict, drama and love and that’s everything that my life consists of. And it’s a musical!

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As a woman in this very male-dominated industry, do you feel you must validate yourself as a musician and rapper?

It is easier for me because I stand out as a female rapper, that’s already half the battle won. From a very young age, I was taught to shift the perspective because if you don’t have a good attitude towards what you’re doing then I don’t think success would be along the journey for someone. You must be able to adapt.

I think people who have great ideas are called controversial because they break down boundaries.